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Bird in Hand

Open 2020+

244 (105) Dartford Road


01322 280139

Bird in Hand 2009

Above photo 2009 by David Anstiss Creative Commons Licence.

Bird in Hand 2014

Above photo 2014 by Chris Whippet Creative Commons Licence.

Bird in Hand sign 1969Bird in Hand sign 1991

Above sign left, 1969, sign right August 1991.

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The pub apparently closed on and off in the early 21st century, but as of typing this, (September 2016) is open again.

See Dartford Map 1905


From the 10th August 2017.

PubSpy reviews the Bird in Hand pub in Dartford.

Bird in Hand 2017

Having experienced the gravitas of the Beehive last week over in Eltham, I decided to try and find somewhere that looked a little more traditional this week.

The Bird in Hand has long intrigued me as it is on a main road in Dartford and I have never been in before.

From the outside, it looks big and, being honest, lacking in anything close to charm or personality.

It was open-mic night and an Irish duo of a guitarist and a fiddle player were belting out The Clash as I made my entrance.

They performed with confidence and sang in the same key and were not terrible in the slightest.

The pub itself was busy with regulars and musicians waiting to entertain, and it did not feel uninviting.

The low ceilings were surprising and the long bar on the inside filled me with promise that I wouldn’t have to wait long to be served. That is always a positive.

There were coasters and other various knick-knacks decorating the walls of the Bird and Hand that made me feel as though I was at home.

It didn’t feel like I was yards away from a busy main road, more somewhere hidden in the country.

There was a pool table and a dart board that was in constant use, and the bar stretched far into the back of the pub where there were more tables away from the music.

One thing that took me aback nearly as far as the 96 bus stop outside was the price of a Birra Moretti.

Maybe it was my fault, I was sucked in by the music into an idealistic would where I wouldn’t have to pay more than 9 for two pints - alas, I did.

In fairness, I should have known better and had more realistic expectations, but one can dream.

The Bird in Hand did actually have a fantastic range of drinks available, including a few craft ales that I am tempted to try if time, and my wallet, allow.

Decor: ****

The decorations inside were charming.

Drink: ****

Good selection of pints and even had crafts.

Price: **

I'm still recovering from the shock.

Atmosphere: ****

Was a good night to be in there and it struck me as being a friendly boozer in general.

Overall: ****

From the By Rebecca Tuffin, 24 August 2019.

13 Kent pub gardens to visit this summer bank holiday weekend.

With this bank holiday weekend set to one of hottest yet, many will be longing for an ice-cold pint in a sunny beer garden.

So we have found some of the best Kent has to offer.

Listed below are 13 of the county's finest spots to meet with friends and indulge in good food and drink.

Bird in Hand.

Bird in Hand garden 2019

Bird in Hand garden.

It's the Music, Ale and Gin Festival's fifth year-running at the Bird in Hand this weekend, with a barbecue and live music running each day until 6pm, Monday.

A children's climbing frame stands at the back of the garden, and the owners sometimes put up a gazebo to protect punters from the sunshine.

The lawn is framed with a paving stones and plenty of tables and chairs to sit and enjoy a Pimms or glass of lager.


From the By Rebecca Tuffin, 29 August 2019.

Bird in Hand, Dartford, pub landlord loses 13 stone in 10 months and plans to run London Marathon.

A man who lost more than 13 stone in 10 months is to run the London Marathon.

Adam Joy, who weighed 26 st 4 lbs less than two years ago, knew he had to change his life when he couldn't get up the stairs at a rugby match.

Adam Joy 2017

Adam weighed more than 26 stone less than two years ago.

The 41-year-old from Dartford said: "I went to watch England play at Twickenham with my son and had to stop on the stairs as I couldn't catch my breath. I just felt so ashamed of myself.

"I used to try and hide my weight and get tailored suits made to feel better. I couldn't fit into normal clothes."

Just a couple of days later, Adam decided to join Slimming World.

He swapped fatty, sugary foods and 50 pints of lager a week to a simple diet of meat, fish, veg and fruit.

With a few 'sins', such as crisps or alcohol, allowed each day, Adam lost eight and a half pounds in his first week on the plan.

The Bird in Hand landlord said: "Once I got started, I just kept going. On average, I lost five pounds a week. I ended up losing 13.2st in 10 months.

"With Slimming World you don't have to deprive yourself whatsoever, just stick to the plan 100%.

Adam Joy 2019

Adam has been accepted on the London Marathon.

"I'd struggled with my weight for the last 20 years and tried a few different diets but nothing seemed to work before."

When he lost 12st, Adam began running, and can now manage u

"Before, I had mobility problems, arthritic knees, high blood pressure... the list goes on," he said.

"I had trouble walking, let alone running - that was completely out of the question."

Now, Adam weights just over 13st, has a six pack, and has been accepted on the London Marathon.

He will be running for Charlton Athletic Community Trust in April.

"I don't think it's going to be easy in any way, shape or form. But I'm confident I'll finish it - as to what time I'll get though I really don't know."

Adam, who lives at the Dartford Road pub with his wife and two children, also runs a Slimming World group at St John the Evangelist Church in Bexley every Tuesday, to help others who want to lose weight.

He added: "Losing weight has definitely made me feel more positive about life. Before I would question things, now I just get on and do it.

"If anyone wants to lose weight my advice is to get down to your local Slimming World group because it really works."



GOLDSMITH Joseph 1881+ (age 38 in 1881Census)

GOLDSMITH Ellen 1891+ (widow age 45 in 1891Census)

SAUNDESR George 1901-13+

GOULD Helen C Mrs 1918+

TWYMAN Edward Wall 1930-38+

JOY Adam 2014-17+


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