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Earliest 1828-

Bricklayer's Arms

Latest ????

108 Hope Street

Mile Town


Bricklayer's Arms

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by Paul Carr of the Sheppey History.

110 Hope Street 2018

Above Google image Sept 2018 showing the location of 108 and 110 Hope Street.

Hope Street map

Above map, date unknown.


Local knowledge, pictures, and licensee information would be appreciated.

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From the Kentish Gazette, 17 September 1839.


At Sheerness, Mr. Samuel Beaumont, landlord of the "Bricklayers’ Arms" public house.


Southeastern Gazette, 26 April 1853.

Sudden Death.

An inquest was held on Friday last at the "Bricklayers’ Arms Inn," before T. Hills, Esq, coroner, concerning the death of Richard Harwood, shipwright in H.M. dockyard. Several rumours had been circulated to the effect that the deceased had been improperly treated, or that sufficient attention had net been paid to him, and much interest was consequently felt as to the enquiry. The evidence brought forward on the occasion established the following facts. The deceased was 41 years of age; he had gone to his work in the dockyard as usual on the 14th inst., and at a quarter to eight in the morning proceeded with Richard Brown, another shipwright, and some other persons, to Saltpan Beach, in a boat, with the intention of going on board the Larne, to work. When off the White House, Cockle-shell-hard, Harwood complained of a severe pain in his chest, and the pain continuing, some tea was made for him when he got on board the Larne, and a bottle of hot water applied to his stomach, which somewhat relieved him. Subsequently, something obtained from Mrs. Gorfe, on board the coal store ship, which she stated that she gave to her husband for spasms, was administered to him, and he declared that he was better, and appeared more cheerful; but he afterwards grew worse, and about a quarter past two he was taken on shore, and saw Dr. Wilson, at the dockyard surgery, who, after making enquiry as to the case, administered two pills and a draught, and sent his messenger borne with the patient. On his way thither, Harwood appeared to get more feeble, and applied for additional assistance to help him home, and two men were fetched, with whose aid he was enabled to reach his own residence in South-street, Mile Town, where Dr. Grey was immediately sent for and attended him. This gentleman on examination found in the deceased alarming symptoms of inflammation of the bowels, and alter some hesitation as to what it was best to do, as he did not know what might have been given in the dockyard, prescribed for him calomel and opium, with recourse to the usual remedies on such occasions. That was about five o’clock in the afternoon, and at half-past seven Dr. Grey bled him. Early next morning he saw deceased again, and found him in a dying state. He called again in the course of the same morning, and found that he had died at ten o’clock. Dr. Wilson, the dockyard surgeon, also stated that when Harwood called on him he was suffering from inflammation of the bowels. Upon this testimony the jury returned a verdict, "That the deceased died from inflammation of the bowels," and expressed an opinion that it was quite unnecessary to have holden an inquest, not only taking them from their business, but putting the county to a considerable expense.

The Coroner subsequently stated that he was sorry Dr. Wilson should have been called upon to attend the inquest, for no purpose whatever. He (the coroner) considered that the man had been treated with every attention by that gentleman. It was his opinion that the jury had been called together most unnecessarily, and he thought it a very serious case thus to inconvenience the public. He trusted that more care would be exercised for the future in applying for an inquest, and in order to put a stop to such practices, he had made up his mind if it occurred again to refuse to allow the medical and constable’s fees. The jury expressed their acquiescence in the coroner’s opinion, and trusted he would carry out his determination. Dr. Grey said he had refused to certify the cause of death, because some of the officers of the dockyard wished him to do so. Mr. T. L. Ridley, surgeon, here put a question to Dr. Wilson, as to what he had given to the deceased, but he was stopped by the coroner, when he (Mr. Ridley) said he should write to the Lancet thereon, and it would be in that publication the next week. The Coroner observed that he was not aware how the gentlemen of the medical profession acted, but as to the legal profession, if there was a difference of opinion between them as to the course another professional man might have pursued, it was not usual to write to the Law Times. The jury then separated.


Sheerness Guardian 9 April 1859.

POLICE CASES. Monday, April 4th, 1859.

Joseph Newton, butcher, of Mile Town, was summoned for having on the 25th March, assaulted and beaten one Richard French, a joiner in the dockyard. This was an ordinary public house squabble, which occurred at the "Bricklayer’s Arms," in Hope street. The evidence was very conflicting; but the case against Newton was considered proved and he was fined 1 and costs.


Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 24 October 1865. Maidstone.

Endorsement of License.

The licence of the "Bricklayers’ Arms," Sheerness, now kept by Mr. Brisley, was endorsed in favour of Mr. Keeler, to whom the license will be transferred at the next transfer day.




BEAUMONT Samuel 1824-Sept/39 Pigot's Directory 1828-29Pigot's Directory 1832-34

PERREN/GRAHAM George 1841+ (age 40 in 1841Census)

HOOK William 1847+

MASTERS George 1851-55+ (age 36 in 1851Census)

MASTERS Mrs 1858+

HAMMOND George James Hammond Jan/1860 (out-of-business and in Maidstone Gaol)

PRATTEN Francis Pratten 1861-63+ (widower age 52 in 1861Census)

BRISLEY Mr to Oct/1865

KEELER William 1865-71 (widow with no occupation age 58 in 1871Census)

PALMER Jefferson 1874+

PALMER William Jefferson 1881-99+ (age 38 in 1881Census)

ELLIS James Henry 1902-03+ Kelly's 1903

WATERS William 1913+

MULDER Hiddo Jacob 1918+

WHITE Thomas J 1934

BANES Arthur 1938+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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