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Open 2020+

10-12 Castle Street

Royal Tunbridge Wells

01892 522373

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Previously known as the "Village" but as yet I do not know when the change of name happened. Today (2019) I am informed that it is running as an Irish Themed Sports pub and has been a Free-house for a number of years.


From the By Liane Castle, 17 March 2020.

Coronavirus Kent: Irish pub, Cassidy's in Tunbridge Wells cancels St Patrick's Day celebrations.

For the first time in 23 years, an Irish pub in Tunbridge Wells has had to cancel its St Patrick's day celebrations due to the coronavirus.

Cassidy's is usually packed full of people celebrating with Irish traditions but this year the pub is almost empty.

Cassidy's bar 2020

Cassidy's in Tunbridge Wells.

John Hoare, who is the landlord of the pub on Castle Street, said: "We are usually rammed for St Paddy's day. We normally have lucky dips with hats, beer giveaways and Irish music but none of that's going to happen now.

"At the weekend we would have had two big football matches on and the place would have been crowded but it was like there was tumbleweed going through the pub and it just feels terrible."

"I feel sorry for people wanting to celebrate in Ireland who have already had their pubs closed."

John said it's not just today he is worried about, he feels the Prime Minister not to officially asking pubs to close means he is stuck in 'limbo'.

"The problem we have is that without being closed, we are just slowly running down without any help and support. If we were told to close down then we could then get onto insurance companies who can help us get through this time.

John Hoare 2020

John Hoare is the landlord of Cassidy's in Tunbridge Wells.

"We still have to be open even when people are being encouraged to stay away. If people don't come out, there is no business."

"The sooner Boris shuts down pubs and clubs the happier we will be for our staff and customers. This way the business also has more chance of surviving."

"I hope Boris announces we close pubs sooner rather than later because this limbo is horrible. It's not just us affected, other pubs are having to suffer too."



HOARE John 2020+


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