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Earliest 1826-

Globe Inn

Closed 1920-

22 Knightrider Street


Globe 1900

Above photo circa 1900.

Globe 1900

Coloured version of above picture, circa 1900.

Globe Inn

Above photo, date unknown, by kind permission of Eric Hartland.

Globe Inn

Above photo, date unknown, by kind permission of Eric Hartland.

Globe Inn 1933

Above photo, December 1933, by kind permission of Erik Hartland.

Former Globe Inn location 2008

Above photo showing the same location, June 2008, by kind permission of Erik Hartland.

Globe Inn 1933

Above photo, December 1933, by kind permission of Erik Hartland.

Former Globe Inn location 2008

Above photo showing the same location, June 2008, by kind permission of Erik Hartland.


Mentioned in the song, "The Maidstone Landlords" in 1798.

Unfortunately demolished in 1928 to make way for the Trolley bus wires.


Kentish Gazette 6 March 1801.

On Thursday last died, Mr. James Martin, of the "Globe" public house, and late of the "Roebuck," in Maidstone.


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal 06 March 1838.


Feb. 21, Jane, wife of William Vigor, of the "Globe Inn," Maidstone, aged 32 years.


From the Kentish Gazette, 6 March 1838.


Feb. 21, Jane, wife of Mr. William Vigor, of the "Globe Inn," Maidstone, aged 32.


Kentish Gazette, 8 March 1853.

Sudden Death.

An inquest was held at the "Globe Inn," Knightrider-street, on Friday evening, on the body of John Mitchell, aged 50 years, who died suddenly on the preceding evening, under the following circumstances:— Deceased had been for some time past suffering severely from rheumatism, although otherwise generally in good health. On Thursday he had been from twelve o'clock in the morning till halfpast eight in the evening at the "Town Arms" public-house in Stone-street; where, at about two o'clock he had some dinner — meat pudding and vegetables — sent him in by the landlady, Mrs. Furminger. He had but little to drink at the public-house, and on leaving appeared to be perfectly sober, and in his usual state of health. On leaving the "Town Arms" he went home, and after a little conversation with his daughter, sat down in his chair, and complaining of being thirsty, asked for a cap of tea. He had scarcely done so when his daughter observed him kicking and plunging about in a violent manner. She immediately threw her child which she had in her arms into the cradle, and uttering a scream awoke her brother, who went out for another relation. The daughter then caught her father in her arms, and prevented his falling; but he continued struggling for two or three minutes. Medical assistance was sent for, and the relation who had been called came in almost immediately after; but before assistance of any kind could be obtained deceased died. Mr. Brenchley, surgeon, of Stone-street, attended shortly after; but having satisfied himself by opening a vein in the deceased's arm that the poor man was dead, he laid him on the bed, and left the house. Subsequent enquiry tended to show that the deceased's brother had died very suddenly in a fit; and from the upright position in which deceased was sitting with his hands unclenched when found by Mr. Brenchley, that gentleman came to the conclusion that death had been occasioned by an apoplectic fit of the worst form, which might in some degree have been promoted by deceased's having been subjected so severely to rheumatism.

Verdict:— "That the deceased died by the visitation of God, from apoplexy."


Kentish Gazette, 15 August 1854.

A Child Drowned.

On Monday afternoon little girl, 7 years old, named Ann Allen Dolman, went with another child, named Mary Cogger, to play in the meadows near the Lock-house. The child Dolman, it appeared, stooped over the riverbank to gather some flowers, and fell into the river.

Cogger, as may be imagined, was much frightened, but seeing a man in the distance, she ran and told him what had happened. This man, John Mead, went to the place, and he says that the child was then near the middle of the river, and he could not swim, he did not like to venture in, but he went to Smithy's and got a boat, when the child was taken out of the water, but was then dead. Scarcely 10-minutes of elapsed from the time the child fell in to the time she was taken out.

An inquest was held at the "Globe," on Tuesday evening, before Thomas kipping, Esq., the coroner, when a verdict of "accidentally drowned" was returned.


From the South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 26 July 1859.

To be let. With immediate possession.

The "Globe Inn," Knightrider Street, Maidstone, with good stall stabling &c. Incoming moderate. Satisfactory reasons will be given for leaving.

Apply to Mr. J. Leader, on the premises.

(A similar advert appeared for the "Duke of Suffolk" in Ramsgate with a Mr. J. Leader being on the premises, at present I do not know the connection.)


From Kentish Gazette 21 June 1864.


Before the Worshipful the Mayor (J. Clifford, Esq.) - His worship made an order for removal of Valentine Buntun Nurse, late landlord of the "Globe," Knightrider Street, to the Lunatic Asylum, Barming Heath. The certificate was signed by Mr. Godfrey Saunders, surgeon. The conduct of the unfortunate young man while in court was very singular. Among other remarks he said he had made a good deal of money by collecting it and "sticking to it," which had set him up in business, and he intended to give a grand entertainment in Maidstone, for which he wished his worship to give him a license at once.


From an email received 10 September 2015.


I have a Brass ornament from 1840 with the name William Vigor engraved on the top with the globe inn on the other side.

I did find a little more information about it, and it appears that the object was a very early patent model of a cigarette or cigar holder in the days when you could just buy them single.

Apparently you put the penny's in the slot press the button to release the flap help yourself to a cigarette or cigar and then close the lid.

Cigar Box 1840sCigar Box 1840s Cigar Box 1840sCigar Box 1840s


Shaun Heys.



Last pub licensee had MARTIN James to Mar/1801 dec'd

SMITH Samuel 1826-30+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29Kentish Gazette

WATTS Stephen 1832+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

VIGOR William 1838-41+ (age 42 in 1841Census)

DOWN James 1851-Jan/56 (age 41 in 1851Census) South Eastern Gazette

GROSS Henrietta Bennett Jan/1856+ South Eastern Gazette

COLLARD Charles 1858+

BARHAM William 1861+ (widower age 43 in 1861Census)

GILES Edward 1862+

HARRISON E D to Sept/1863 Maidstone Telegraph

NURSE Valentine Buntun to Sept/1863-June/64 Maidstone Telegraph

FIELD George 1867-74+

POTTER John 1881-91+ (age 30 in 1881Census)

POTTER Emma Mrs 1901-18+ (age 56 in 1911Census) Kelly's 1903


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Maidstone TelegraphMaidstone Telegraph

Kentish GazetteKentish Gazette

South Eastern GazetteSouth Eastern Gazette

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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