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Earliest ????


Demolished 1995

10 Chalkwell Road / Crown Road

Milton Regis


Above postcard, date unknown.

Grapes Tavern location 2014

Above image from Google, June 2014, shows the rough location of the pub. The houses on the right being numbers 14 and 16, right to left. The "Stumble Inn" is the building on the left of the picture.

Grapes card 1955Grapes card 1955

Above card issued April 1955. Sign series 5 number 22.


I believe the building was demolished around about 1995.

I am informed that the "Grapes" and the "Stumble Inn" were almost next door to each other. I have also seen this addressed as being in Sitingbourne.

I am informed by Ron Small that the pub was also addressed as Crown Road and that the pub possibly closed in the 1960s.


East Kent Gazette, Saturday for July 1885.


If George Gordon, late of Milton, who left two boxes of goods at the "Grapes," Milton, does not remove them within 14-days, the same will be sold.


East Kent Gazette, 4th MAY 1956.

Bones at The Grapes.

Mr. Percy Sedge, licensee of the "Grapes," Milton, had the shock of his life last week when workmen engaged in pulling down the 600-year-old property found human bones under the floorboards at the back of the public house. For weeks past Mr. Sedge had been prophesying to follow Bowaters employees with whom he works as an engineering clerk, that there was no telling what would be found when the work of restoring the house was begun. The unexpected find of human remains brought fame to the house almost overnight, for the bar was crowded with interested customers as soon as the news got around There was one man however who could not help an occasional smile as Mr. Sedge repeated the details of the find and conjectured on how a skull could have found its way under the floor. That man knew something about the bones which he did not feel like imparting to Mr. Sedge until things started going a bit too far. It now transpires that so many people were really expecting something worthwhile to be unearthed that steps were taken to see they were not disappointed. Some bones used for anatomical purposes were pushed under the floor before the restoration work began—and that is the answer to the mystery of the bones at the "Grapes."

It's a pity it has ended like this because there are no more rumours flying round about a former licensee who murdered his wife's lover 600 years ago. Someone smelled a rat when they noticed that the jawbone was held on by wire.

Perhaps there were medical students here 600 years ago," said one customer.



STONE William 1871-81+ (also grocer age 53 in 1881Census)

LACEY Edward 1911-Oct/1913 (age 43 in 1911Census) East Kent Gazette

NEWBY Albert Edward Oct/1913+ East Kent Gazette

SADDLETON Henry 1922+

ADAMS Herbert 1930-38+

SEDGE Percy 1956+

STONE Ronald Eugene 1960-62

???? Les & Della 1963+



East Kent GazetteEast Kent Gazette


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