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Earliest 1826-

Hand and Sceptre

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45 Ye Pantiles (Back Parade Kent and Sussex Courier)

Royal Tunbridge Wells


From Jackson's Oxford Journal, Saturday, October 14, 1826; Issue 3833.


Mr. Eastwood, of the "Hand and Sceptre Inn, Tonbridge; (sic) whilst in seeming good health, and on the point of sitting down to his breakfast, he sank into the arms of death, leaving a disconsolate widow and family of children to lament his loss.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, Friday 6 March 1874.

Southborough. A Fatality.

On Saturday afternoon a horse and cab belonging to Mr Stidolph, of Tunbridge Wells, were driven to Southborough by man name Trotman. In the fly with three or four people who called at the "Hand and Sceptre." The horse when pulled up staggered and fell, and died directly afterwards. Later in the day some amusement was afforded by a man who became so tipsy that he endeavoured, of course in vain, to raise the animal to life and could not be persuaded that it was dead.


From the By Mary Harris, 7 March 2023.

The "Hand and Sceptre" on The Pantiles became today's "Ragged Trousers" at 46 The Pantiles, dating back to 1800. It later became the "London Steak Restaurant," "Swiss Restaurant" and, in the 1980s, the "Pantiles Wine Bar."

By 1995 it had become "Springs restaurant," then "Liaison," before reverting to a pub in 2006.



EASTWOOD Mr dec'd to Oct/1826

EASTWOOD Stephen 1828+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

CLARINGBOLD William 1832+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

BALDOCK Henry 1851+ (age 44 in 1851Census)

VERRALL Isaac 1858-62+ (age 56 in 1861Census)

LANGLEY Hannah Marie Mrs 1871-74 (age 51 in 1871Census) Kent and Sussex Courier

WILSON W J 1881+

CARD Frank 1891+ (Hotel Keeper age 46 in 1891Census)

WILSON William 1891+ (Hotel Proprietor age 25 in 1891Census)

BRICE William 1901+ (age 47 in 1901Census)

PRYKE Arthur 1903+ Kelly's 1903

EDWARDS Joseph 1911-13+ (age 49 in 1911Census)

EDWARDS Isobel H Mrs 1914+ Kelly's 1914

ELDON William 1918-22+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Kelly's 1914From the Medway Kelly's Directory 1914/15

Kent and Sussex CourierKent and Sussex Courier



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