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Dec 2000

Litten Tree

Closed 2005

39-45 High Street

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Litten Tree 2000

Above photo, 2000, kindly sent by Mike White.

Litten Tree location 2018

Above photo, 2018, showing the pub now turned into a British heart Foundation Charity Shop. Kindly sent by Mike White.

Former Litten Tree 2019

Above photo, circa 2019.


Formerly a Courts furniture store but was controversially opened up as a 400 capacity super pub in December 2000 in time for Christmas.

Despite opposition from local residents concerned about noise and late-night disturbance - although the threatened lap dancers failed to materialise - the pub was a popular venue until landlord Surrey Free Inns called in the administrators in 2005.

It stood empty until September 2008, when it opened as a British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electrical shop.


From the By Mary Harris, 7 March 2023.

The Litten Tree became a British Heart Foundation shop.

Located in Grosvenor Road, this pub closed in 2005. The site, on the corner of Rock Villa Road, was a Courts furniture store for many years before its controversial conversion into 500-capacity super pub The Litten Tree at Christmas 2000.

Opposition arose from locals regarding possible noise and late-night disturbance, but that didn’t stop it being a popular venue during its brief stint as a public house. It closed in 2005 and stood empty until September 2008 when it opened as a British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electrical shop.


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