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Earliest 1853-

New Inn Tap

Latest 1891+

Sandling Road



Local knowledge, further pictures, and licensee information would be appreciated.

I will be adding the historical information when I find or are sent it, but this project is a very big one, and I do not know when or where the information will come from.

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Southeastern Gazette, 28 June 1853.


Tuesday. (Before C. Ellis and E. Stacey, Esqrs.)

Assault. Eliza Ellis v. Eliza Cole.

Complainant deposed that on the 13th June she met the defendant near the "New Inn tap." Directly on seeing her defendant called her a ----- and abused her. She (complainant) ran into the "New Inn tap" for shelter. She called for a pint of beer. Defendant followed her in, took up her beer, and drank it. Defendant then pitched into her, blackened her eye, scratched her face, and tore her bonnet. She made no resistance. Defendant injured her very much, and she had been unable to do a day's work since.

Sarah Feakhis corroborated the evidence of the complainant.

Defendant (who had two small children with her, and who wept bitterly) said the complainant had seduced her husband from her; she was always following him about, from one public-house to another. For the last eight months she had had no peace at all, her husband being out (with complainant) at all hours in the night. She admitted that she struck the complainant, but said complainant struck her as well, and they fought together. She had many times driven the complainant away from her door, but she could not keep her away from her husband. She thought it very hard that she should suffer for the misconduct of the complainant. She often had to go to bed without any other supper than a good thrashing from her husband, through the complainant.

Mr. Ellis kindly expostulated with the women, and postponed the judgment of the Bench for a month, in the hope that the parties would conduct themselves peaceably towards each other.

Defendant promised that she would not again molest the complainant, and the parties then left the court.


From the Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, 5 October 1861.

Maidstone Petty sessions. Saturday.

Before C. Ellis, Esq., Mayor. H. W. Joy, Esq., and T. W. Allen, Esq.

Francis Harriett Thompson, 29, who said she was a widow from North Wales, was charged with stealing a leather purse containing 2 1s. the property of Joseph Rayfield, a most singular looking person, from a basket at the "New Inn Tap," on the previous Thursday.

It appears that on the day in question the prosecutor and his wife, both of whom were deaf, and had evidently learnt each other to be so, and who live at Boxley, went to the "New Inn Tap" with the prisoner, and with whom they had during the hopping made an acquaintance. Whilst there the prosecutor's wife placed the basket on the table in with a purse in it containing the sun before stated. She left the room and the prisoner, who it was said, had been taking a drop too much during her absence, was seen by the prosecutor to take the basket off the table and peep into it, and on the return of his wife the purse was found to be missing. The prisoner then left the room. Shortly afterwards information was given to the police, and it was ascertained that the prisoner had been making some purchases at the shop of Mrs. Stanford, a second hand clothes dealer, living at the top of Week Street. She was taken into custody, and on being conveyed to the station she informed the police officer she had received a golden sovereign from a gentleman. On arriving at the station she underwent to search - the prosecutors wife undertaking this important duty - and, strange to say the purse containing 1 9s 1d. was found at her feet.

The prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to 3 months' hard labour.



PARRATT James 1858-61+ (also ostler age 58 in 1861Census)





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