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Earliest 1800-

North Foreland

Closed July 2013

325 High Street


North Foreland 2009

Above photo 2009 by N Chadwick Creative Commons Licence.

North Foreland sign 1970North Foreland sign 1991

Above sign left, 1970s, sign right, October 1991.

North Foreland sign 2010

Above sign 2010.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

North Foreland beermat 1976

Above beermat circa 1976, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

North Foreland 2017

Above Google image, June 2017.

North Foreland 2020

Above photo, July 2020, taken by Sarflondondunc.


Although address as Rochester, I am informed that the boundary was at one time part of Chatham.


Woodhams emblem

The coat of arms emblem shown above the door was the emblem of the Woodhams Brewery of Rochester.


Kentish Gazette 3 January 1800.

Wednesday morning about two o’clock, a fire was discovered to proceed from the furnace belonging to Mr. Phiipot’s manufactory, for casting iron, near sign of the "North Foreland:" the Victualling Office bells rang on alarm of fire, but assistance coming on the instant, put it out without doing any damage.


From the Kentish Gazette, 1 April 1845.


Packman:— March 23, at Rochester, Mr. E. Packham, landlord of the "North Foreland" public house.


South Eastern Gazette, 22 May, 1860.

SATURDAY. Before the Mayor, Dr. Drawbridge. J. L. Levy, E. R. Coles, F. Farrell, J. Thomas, H. Everist, H. Everest, and G. Lowrey, Esqrs.)

Thomas Parrott and Frederick Clarke were charged with assaults on the police, and also with damaging one of the police-constable’s coats.

Police-constable Broadbridge, 4, said, hearing a great noise, near the "North Foreland" public-house, he went there, and saw the prisoners in the company of several women, all making a dreadful noise. As they refused to desist, he shook Parrott by the collar, and asked him what he was doing. The prisoners immediately said they would " ------ soon let him know," and seized him by the collar of the coat, tearing it in the manner it now appeared. They also tried to throw him down, but he prevented their doing so, and struck Parrot with his staff on the head. Another police-constable then came up, and with his assistance both the prisoners were apprehended.

The High Constable, who was passing at the time, confirmed the constable’s statement, and said when he advised the parties to desist they told him if he did not be off they would make "small bones of him" [laughter]. The conduct of the landlord of the "North Foreland" was highly reprehensible, as he was doing all he could to obstruct the police, instead of assisting them. Witness cautioned him that it might injure his license.

Both prisoners denied the assault, and stated that they were not drunk.

James Prentice, landlord of the "North Foreland," was called for the defendants, but helped them but little. He denied resisting the police.

Parrott said the police-constable rushed upon them as if they were "a parcel of heathings" [laughter.]

The Mayor fined each of the prisoners 12s. 3d., including costs, and in default fourteen days’ imprisonment. They would also pay the constable 3s. for damaging his coat.


Liverpool Daily Post 19 January 1867.


Mr. Inderwick appeared for the petitioner.

The petitioner is a beerhouse keeper at Rochester. He married the respondent in May, 1859, and they lived together until December, 1865. In that month the respondent left her house during an illness of the petitioner, and she has since lived with Wickenden, who is the captain of a coal brig, as his wife.

Decree nisi, with costs against the co-respondent.


Marriage of George Burren June Qtr. 1859 Medway District 2a 435 to either Catherine Pope or Sarah Tyler.


Above photo taken in The rear bar circa 1966, kindly supplied by Chris Turner who says:- "The North Foreland was full to capacity with the ex-scooter people (crowd, gang) who had moved on to cars and had previously, occupied The Parlour coffee bar opposite.

From top left. Myself, Chris Turner, Marlene (surname unknown,) Ian Francs, below left Ken Zirkoski and Keith Everiss.

From the 16 February 2009.

Last orders at yet another Medway pub.

One of Medway's best-known pubs is to close.

The North Foreland in Rochester High Street has shut its doors but the reason is not clear.

Meanwhile, Medway pub owner John Brice has spoken out about the continuing trend of pub closures.

Mr Brice, who owns two pubs and runs another, the King George V in Prospect Row, Brompton, said he was disappointed to see the North Foreland close.

Mr Brice, organiser of the Medway Beer Festival, said the North Foreland was once the watering hole for local dignitaries and characters including MPs, police officers and reporters.

Mr Brice said: “I think anyone really realises how significant the rate at which pubs are closing is and they may only notice in a few years.”

He also owns the Frog and Toad in Burnt Oak Terrace, Gillingham, and said pubs were more than places to drink in and provided an important social element.

He added: “There are a huge amount of events going on which mean people come and meet each other.

“The other obvious thing is the amount of money raised for charities. It is a huge amount.”

Mr Brice said the North Foreland, which once belonged to the Dutch East India Company, also contained an old fireplace which represented the four corners of the world.

The pub’s owners were unavailable for comment.


The pub closed July 2013.



JOHNSON John 1828+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

PACKHAM Edward 1832-23/Mar/45 dec'd Pigot's Directory 1832-34Wright's Topography 1838

MOORE James 1841+ (age 30 in 1841Census)

SPENCER William 1858+

PRENTIS James William 1860-62+ Next pub licensee had (son was Edward Prentis)

BURREN George 1870-82+ (age 32 in 1871Census)

SMITH Walter 1887+

SMITH H Mrs 1891+

WEBB Ernest Walter 1901-13+ Kelly's 1903

BARTLETT Alfred 1914-30 Next pub licensee had


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Wright's Topography 1838Wright's Topography 1838

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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