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Earliest 1866-

(Name from)

Prince Alfred

Latest ????

41 Earl Street


Former Prince Alfred 2019

Above photo, 2019, kindly taken and sent by Paul Narramore.


The pub was called the "Unicorn" up to at least 1862 but had change name by 1866 and I believe the street numbers have also changed.

Now (2019) operating as the Wildwood Restaurant.


Maidstone Telegraph, Saturday 6 October 1866.

Another alleged robbery from the person.

John Friend was charged with stealing two sovereigns, 3 half sovereigns, 2 half sovereigns, and 2 shillings from the person of George Allen.

Prosecuted deposed:- I went to the "Unicorn" public house (the "Prince Alfred"), at the corner of Pudding Lane, yesterday evening about half past 7 o'clock, at which time prisoner was there in company with two other men. I had in my pocket two sovereigns, three half sovereigns, two half crowns, and two shillings. I laid down for a short time and as I was getting up I saw the prisoner go from my side. I put my hand in my pocket and missed my purse containing my money. I accused prisoner of taking it but he denied it saying that he had only 14 pence about him, not a penny more. Prisoner said that I had better go for a policeman, but I replied that I would not leave him till I had my money. Prisoner then said that he was going to bed, but I told him he should not till I had him searched. Prison was going upstairs and I was about to follow him when a girl at the top of the stairs said that if I went up she would knock my brains out. Prisoner tried to get upstairs and I had a scuffle with him. The landlord then came and told us both to go outside. When I got outside I saw Police-constable Phipps, and gave the prisoner into custody.

P.S. Phipps deposed to receiving the charge from prosecutor between 11 and 12 o'clock. Prisoner said he has got one sovereign on him but not two and that he could prove that he received two for work done. When at the station house searched prisoner and found one sovereign on him, two half crowns, and three shillings, and three half pence in coppers.

The Mayor said there was not sufficient evidence for a conviction, but the case looked very suspicious, and discharge prisoner with the caution.


From the Maidstone Telegraph and West Kent Messenger, 4 December, 1869.


Before the Mayor (W. Haynes, Esq.), G. Wickham, D. S. White, and J. B. Green, Esqrs.


John Fagg, 21, labourer, of Stone-street, was charged with assaulting Frederick Bridger, landlord of the "Prince Alfred" Earl-street, on the 28th of July last.

Complainant deposed that on the day in question the defendant was in front of his bar with a woman, when defendant commenced to knock her about. He told defendant not to knock the woman about, when defendant left off, and went and sat upon a table, and said that he would hit any one who took her part. There was another man in the bar and shortly after they got performing trials of strength in their wrists, when the other man said, "Jack, you can’t do that" whereupon defendant said, "if I can't do that I'll do something else," and immediately took off his jacket with the intention of attacking the man. The man then wanted to come into the bar door but he told him he could not. Defendant then said to him (complainant) "You ------ --------, you can have one," and with that struck complainant in the face, cutting his nose and chin. He then went and complained to the police, who recommended him to take out a summons against defendant.

Defendant admitted the assault and stated that complainant wished him to compromise the affair by defendant paying him 1. He told defendant he would give him 5s.

The bench did not give the defendant the option of a fine, but sentenced him to 14 days’ hard labour.



FENNER William 1867+ Post Office Directory 1867

BUGDEN Frederick 1871+ (age 47 in 1871Census)


Post Office Directory 1867From the Post Office Directory 1867



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