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Earliest 1867-

Queen's Head

Open 2022+

264 (158-160) High Street

Mile Town


01795 662475

Queen's head 2001

Above photo kindly taken and sent by Trevor Edwards, 2001.

Queens Hotel 2007

Above photo kindly taken and sent by Trevor Edwards, 2 November 2007.

Queen's Head Hotel 2009

Above Google image, May 2009.


Part of the building used to be a tram station house.

Although, I believe this was originally called the "Queen's Head Hotel" I am informed that it hasn't been a hotel for a long time, certainly not in living memory and doesn't offer board and lodgings today.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. 19 October 1867. Price 1d.


(Before Thomas Sidney Clarice, Esq.)


William Seeley Copping was indicted for maliciously cutting and wounding Edmund Jordan at Minster, in Sheppy, on the 4th August.
Mr. E. T. Smith, prosecuted; the prisoner was undefended.

Prosecutor stated that he was a labourer living at Sheerness, and on the evening of the 4th August be met Coppins and went with him to the “Queen's Hotel," and there had some rum. When they were about to leave the house Coppins said some one had robbed him of three-pence. Witness replied “Don't make a fuss about it, I will give it you.” He did so, and presently he saw prisoner take a knife out of his pocket and sharpen it, and after having done so ran after Bradley, whom he stabbed in the face. Witness then went up to the prisoner and told him to put the knife away when he stabbed him on the left side under the arm. He ran into the “Queen's Head” Hotel, and told them he had been stabbed and felt very weak from loss of blood. Witness had been unwell ever since.

In answer to the Court Jordan said neither he nor the prisoner was drunk. They commenced “ soaking" about nine o'clock and this continued up to about eleven o'clock. Bradley, a youth, referred to by the last witness gave corroborative evidence, but added, however, that they came out of the Hotel in a very orderly manner, but shortly afterwards heard Jordan say “I'm stabbed, I'm stabbed.”
Mr. John Japp, a surgeon, practising at Sheerness, stated that the prosecutor was brought to him bleeding from an incised wound under the blade bone on the left side. It was half an inch in width and would have been produced by such a knife as that shown him. Jordan was in danger for some time, pleurisy having set in. The knife had penetrated through the membrane of the chest, close to the lung. The whole of the parties appeared to have been drinking.

A police-constable who apprehended the prisoner produced a knife which he found near the spot where the affray took place. The knife was covered with blood, and was identified as having been been in the prisoner's possession during the evening in question.

William Davis said he was near the public-house at the time, and saw Bradley and Jordan both set upon the prisoner. He parted them once or twice but they persisted in going at him again.

The prisoner, in defence, said Jordan and Bradley taunted him about some girls that they said they would have over to Sheeness from Sittingbourne. This ended in a quarrel, in the course of which he (the prisoner) was knocked and kicked about; but prisoner declared that he did not stab Jordan and that the knife was not his.

The jury found the prisoner guilty on the second count—that of inflicting grievous bodily harm—but recommended him to mercy on account of their believing that he had received provocation.

Sentence, nine months' hard labour.


Faversham News, Saturday 24 November 1883.


The licence of the "Queen's Hotel," Sheerness from Frederick Williamson to Albert Vollard, late waiter at the "Granville Hotel," Ramsgate.



Local knowledge, further pictures, and licensee information would be appreciated.

I will be adding the historical information when I find or are sent it, but this project is a very big one, and I do not know when or where the information will come from.

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ANDREWS Eliza Mrs 1862+

HAVARD J jun 1867+

WILLIAMSON Frederick 1871-Nov/83 (widower age 70 in 1881Census)

VOLLARD Albert Nov/1883+

OTLEY James 1891-1903+ Kelly's 1903

THIRKETTLE William Henry 1913-18+

THIRKETTLE Harold 1934-38+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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