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Rising Sun

Open 2020+

6 Delce Road


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Rising Sun

Above photo, date unknown.

Rising Sun 2009

Above photo 2009 by Chris Whippet Creative Commons Licence.

Rising Sun 2012

Above image taken from Google maps 2012.

Rising Sun sign 1986Rising Sun sign 2001

Above sign left, July 1986, sign right, January 2001.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


Edward Harris of "Rochester Inns and Signs" says the following:- "This inn has also been re-built. One peculiarity of the old house was, that it dispensed strong liquors inside. On the outside, at the upper end, was a covered well-house and well where the aqua pura could be obtained free of charge.

"The "Rising Sun" was a badge of Edward III and forms part of the arms of Ireland, but the sun shining was a cognizance of several kings."

There is reference in a Victorian newspaper cutting, (which I haven't seen yet) stating that a man went into the pub's outside toilets and cut his own throat! The room is still there. Licensees also claim that they have seen three different ghosts in the pub, one claiming that they had seen a ghost on the landing of a lady wearing a long dress.


Kentish Gazette, 30 January 1849.


An inquisition has been taken at the "Sun Hotel," before W. H. Palmer, Esq., and a highly respectable jury, to assess the amount of compensation to be paid for a private dwelling-house in Strood, required for the purposes of the new bridge at Rochester, of which Mr. S. Turner is mortgagee in possession. The sum claimed was 1,100, and the offer made by the Bridge Wardens, 500. Mr. Bodkin appeared to support the claim, and called three surveyors, Messrs. Beveridge, Peck, and Parnell, who estimated the value from 1,000 to 1,200; and Mr. Cobb, and Mr. Hollingdale, of Strood, came forward and declared the premises worth from 25 to 30 a year. On behalf of the Bridge Wardens, Sir Walter Riddell produced Messrs. Morris and Kidwell, who estimated the full value of the estate at 320 only. The tenant of the premises was also examined on some important points, and proved that he had occupied the property about seven years, at the rent of 17, and on an attempt being made to raise the rent he preferred quitting, but the landlord informed him that the 17 would be sufficient if he only allowed the receipts to express 20 as the rent. This was done at the time the survey was making for the railways, and also when it was made for the new bridge. The jury consulted for about two hours, and returned a verdict for 575, that is, 75 above the offer, and 525 less than the claim. This is the only one of the numerous purchases made by the Bridge Wardens which required the intervention of jury or arbitrator.



WELCH John 1858-70+

SINCLAIR Donald 1874+

BOWDEN Samuel 1878+

SEARS Alfred 1881+ (age 38 in 1881Census)

DURLING Edwin 1903-22+ Kelly's 1903

DURLING George 1930+

GOLDING Ronald Charles B 1938+

CLARE James Charles June/1964-July/68 Next pub licensee had

COOK P 1988-90+

RAVAL Sanjay to Feb/2018 (also "City Wall")

EARLE Kelly Apr/2018+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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