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Earliest ????

Rising Sun

Open 2020+

16 Craylands Lane


01322 384814

Rising Sun 2016

Above photo, 2016.

Rising Sun sign 2008Rising Sun sign 2015

Above sign left, 2009, sign right, May 2015.


There were three pubs on this road were locally known as Bottom House ("Coopers Arms"), Middle House ("North Kent Arms") and Top House (the "Rising Sun"). This one opened in 1869 having been converted from two cottages.


From the By Keith Hunt, 16 January 2017.

Clare Bushby detained under Mental Health Act after fire in Craylands Lane, Swanscombe.

A woman who put lives in danger when she set fire to a terraced house in Swanscombe she had been evicted from has been detained under the Mental Health Act.

Clare Bushby, a paranoid schizophrenic, will be held at the Trevor Gibbens Unit at Maidstone Hospital without limit of time.

Maidstone Crown Court heard the 43-year-old had been evicted from the property in Craylands Lane about eight weeks before she started the major fire on May 22.

Rising Sun fire 2017

The property in Craylands Lane where the fire broke out.

Prosecutor Ian Foinette said it happened against a background of troubling behaviour noticed by neighbours and those at the nearby Rising Sun pub.

Events culminated on Sunday afternoon, May 22, when witnesses saw smoke begin to billow from the building before one of the windows exploded.

Bushby, who had previously been going in and out of the house, was seen on the flat roof outside. When she climbed down and was asked why she did it, she replied she did not know.

Mr Foinette said there was severe damage to the front and rear bedrooms and the roof.

Bushby, who admitted arson with intent to endanger life, had set fire to items inside. “It spread fairly rapidly,” said Mr Foinette. “There was concern for a young family living next door.”

Judge Adele Williams told Bushby, who was escorted in the dock by nurses: “You put people at considerable risk as there were other occupants in the vicinity.”

The judge said of the hospital order: “I am satisfied that with your mental history and the risk of committing further offences it is necessary for the protection of the public from serious harm.”

It was revealed at the time that about 15 people from the pub and 10 from adjoining houses were evacuated while firefighters tackled the blaze.

Three fire engines were used to fight the blaze for almost two hours.

Karen Lee, 43, who was on duty at the nearby Swanscombe Leisure Centre at the time, said: “We saw loads of people gathering and at first we thought it was a fight outside the pub.

“Then we noticed the smoke from the back of the house. We went out and had a look and the house was on fire.”

One witness said: “We saw a woman jump out of the bedroom window on the first floor.”



RIDGWELL John 1881-1901+ (age 52 in 1881Census)

BEST Alice Mrs 1930-38+


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