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Earliest 1844

Rosherville Hotel

Closed 1914



Rosherville Hotel and Shades

Above photo circa 1890. Kindly supplied by John Hopperton.

Rosherville and Shades

Above photo, date unknown although earlier than the one below. Kindly supplied by John Hopperton.

Rosherville Hotel and Shades

Above photo, date unknown. Kindly supplied by John Hopperton.

Rosherville Hotel 1960

Above photo, circa 1960.


The bar inside the "Rosherville Hotel" was known as the "Rosherville Shades." Built in 1835 and designed by H. E. Kendall. However, by 1855 a building just off the hotel addressed as Pier Road, was operating under the name of the "Rosherville Shades" in its own right.

Visitors for the Yacht Week stayed here. It was a VAD hospital in the First World War and then became flats which were demolished in 1968.

In October 1940 the 13th (Henly) Platoon became Henley Works Section, No. 1 Company, 17th Battalion. The "Rosherville Shades" pub was requisitioned to be used as their headquarters. Early in 1941 the Henley's Home Guard merged with the Bowaters' Paper Mills and Bevan's Cement Works to become 'D' Company. The unit remained in being throughout the war and was disbanded in 1944 along with other Home Guard Units.


Morning Advertiser, Monday 04 April 1853.

To Hotel and Tavern Keepers.

To be let, the "Rosherville Hotel," Rosherville, Kent, with or without the supplying of refreshments in the Rosherville Gardens.

The hotel, from its present situation, and the excellent management of the late tenants, has been resorted to by nearly the whole of the nobility, and also by all the distinguished foreigners who have recently visited the country.

For particulars apply at the office of Mr. Chadwick, 35, St Martin's Lane, or of the Company Secretary, Mr. D. Dingle, at the Hotel.


To Hotel and Tavern Keepers.

Rosherville Botanical Gardens, near Gravesend, Mr. R. Chadwick is instructed by the Directors of the above Gardens, to negotiate the future Letting of the Hotel, Banquet Hall, and Tap. The hotel, from the excellent management of the late proprietors, and the high character which it has attained in the opinion of Nobility, Gentry, and the Public in general, which amounts every season to many thousands of visitors, will require no comment upon the profit which must be derived by the supply of refreshment to the Gardens and the general Hotel Business.

For particular apply at the office of Mr. Chadwick, 35A, St. Martin's Lane, Charing Cross.


From the Rochester and Chatham Journal and Mid-Kent Advertiser, Saturday, September 2, 1876.

The "Rosherville Hotel and Gardens."

Mr. C. T. Gramshaw of Gravesend, asked the bench to give separate licences in future for the "Rosherville Hotel and Gardens," instead of including them both in one licence as heretofore. They were not asking for any increased facilities for drinking, but they wanted to separate the two properties. Besides there was a possibility - he would not say it was a probability - of the connection between the hotel and the grounds being cut off.

Mr. H. J. Roberts having given formal evidence as to the rating of the gardens being sufficient for a licence, the application was acceded to.


From the Reporter, Friday, April 10, 1970.


Rosherville Hotel demolition 1970

This is all that remains of the "Rosherville Hotel," Burch Road, Northfleet, which was built about 1850, as part of Jeremiah Rosher's scheme to develop the Rosherville Gardens, which at one time were reputed to be the best in Europe.

Gone are the days of bear pits and archery lawns, and all that remains is the sound of bulldozer and falling rubble, which will soon give way to industrial development, some of which has already started.

One of the most famous visitors of the hotel was the queen of Victorian theatre, Lily Langtry.

From about 1905 the hotel was unoccupied, and from 1923 it was let as flats. As far as can be traced it was let as such in 1938.

There was a pub below the hotel called the "Rosherville Shades," which closed about the same time as the hotel.



ADLINGTON Thomas 1861+ (age 40 in 1861Census)

WATES James 1871-Sept/72 dec'd (age 66 in 1871Census)

ROBERTS William John Aug/1872+

JEREMIAH Henry & ROBERTS William John 1874+

BAKER Edward 1881+ (age 25 in 1881Census)

BERKLEY William R 1891+ (age 48 in 1891Census)

LAVELL Alfred 1901+ (age 47 in 1901Census)

KENT Robert 1911+

LOVEDAY Edmond Horatio 1922-30+




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