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Earliest 1858-

Royal George

Closed 2009-

2 Boxley Road


Royal George 2009

Above Google image, April 2009.

Royal George

Above photo, date unknown by Chris.

Former Royal George 2023

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Royal George sign 1986Royal George sign 2003

Above signleft , September 1986, sign right 2003.

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The Licensing Records of 1872 mentioned that Cornelius William Bryant was the owner.


South Eastern Gazette 04 March 1851.


Tuesday. (Before C. Ellis, Esq).

Stephen Hagerty was charged with stealing a coat.

Charles Foreman deposed:- On Sunday evening last I went with my wife into the "Royal George" beer-shop. I took off my great coat between nine and ten o'clock, and hung it on the back of the chair in which my wife was sitting. I left the room, and on returning in about ten minutes, I missed my coat. The prisoner was in the room when I came back, but I cannot say whether he was there when I went out.

Ann Foreman, wife of prosecutor, corroborated his evidence. Joseph Nayters, landlord of the "Royal George," saw prosecutor place his coat on a chair. Afterwards hearing that a coat had been lost, he went into the parlour where the prosecutor and the prisoner were having an altercation, but did not hear what they said.

Police-constable Wm. Sunnucks deposed:-I was on duty near the "Royal George," a little before twelve o'clock on Sunday night, and saw a man come from a quarry near the "Royal George." I also heard some one in the lane leading to the quarry, and on going down the lane I met the prisoner, who had something in his hand under his frock. I asked him twice what he had got, but he made no answer either time. I then took the coat, which I now produce, from him. I said "You've got a coat there, where did you get it?" He said he had bought it of the man who was just gone away; he did not know who he was; he gave all the money he had for it, which was 2s. 6d. Committed for trial at the borough sessions.


Southeastern Gazette, 19 July 1853.

Margaret Young was brought up on remand from Tuesday, charged with uttering counterfeit coin.

Additional evidence was given to show that on the 30th June the prisoner went to the beer-shop kept by Mr. Bodkin, in Stone-street, ("Ten Bells") and called for a glass of beer, for which he tendered a bad sixpence, which Mr. Bodkin's daughter bent with her teeth and detected as bad, and upon telling the prisoner of it she paid herewith a good sixpence. Miss Bodkin could not swear positively to prisoner, but believed her to be the person. Evidence was also given showing that the prisoner visited the "Royal George" public-house on the above date, and gave a bad sixpence in payment for beer. Mrs. Sills, the landlady, detected it as bad, and on questioning prisoner about it she denied knowing it and gave her a good sixpence, after which she drank her beer and went away.

The prisoner was committed for trial to the assizes.


Southeastern Gazette, 26 July 1853.

Uttering Counterfeit Coin at Maidstone.

Margaret Young, 26, was indicted for uttering a counterfeit shilling, well knowing the same to be false and counterfeit, at Maidstone. Mr. Massey Dawson appeared for the prosecution.

The full particulars of the case appeared in last week’s Gazette. The prisoner, on the 30th June, went into the "Royal George" and "Twelve Bells" (sic) public-houses, and attempted to pass counterfeit sixpences, which were detected as bad, and she then paid with good money. On the following day the went to the "Sun" public-house, and in payment for a glass of beer she gave a bad shilling. Mrs. Ongley detected it as bad, and told prisoner of it. The prisoner denied knowing it was bad, and wished for it back again, but Mrs. Ongley kept it and afterwards gave it up to police-constable Beale. She also attempted to pass bad money at other houses in the town. Mr. Powell, inspector at the Mint, proved the shilling produced to be counterfeit.

The jury found the prisoner guilty and she was sentenced to six months' hard labour.




NAYTERS Joseph 1851+ South Eastern Gazette

VINCENT Elizabeth Mrs 1858-July/61 Maidstone Telegraph

KNIGHT Daniel July/1861-67+ (also Stone & Coal Merchant age 55 in 1861Census) Maidstone TelegraphPost Office Directory 1867

KNIGHT Sarah (widow) 1871-82+ (age 75 in 1881Census)

PHIPPS Charles 1891+

JACKSON John 1903-11+ (age 53 in 1891Census) Kelly's 1903

BARTLETT Rosanna Mary Mrs 1913-30+

CHICK Douglas T 1938+


South Eastern GazetteSouth Eastern Gazette

Maidstone TelegraphMaidstone Telegraph

Post Office Directory 1867From the Post Office Directory 1867

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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