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Royal Star Tap

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High Street / Market Buildings


Royal Star Hotel Tap

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by Andy Cole.

Royal Star Hotel Tap

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by Andy Cole.

Royal Star Hotel Tap inside

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by Andy Cole.

Royal Star Tap

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by Ray Newman.

Royal Star Tap 1955

Above photo 1955, Kindly sent by Ray Newman.

Star Tap badge

Above photo showing a textile badge, date unknown, kindly sent by Andy Cole.


I will be adding the historical information when I find or are sent it, but this project is a very big one, and I do not know when or where the information will come from.

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From an email received 2 February 2021.

Hi Paul,

It was nice to see a couple of photos of the "Star Tap" pub in Maidstone (actually in Market Buildings rather than the High Street).

I can tell you a little about it from the mid 70's on because this is when I began drinking there and when it was arguably one of the most interesting pubs in the centre of town being both a dive bar in the American sense of this term and also rather bohemian.

From about 1975 the pub began to be used by students of Maidstone and Fort Pitt Art Colleges and they brought in a younger generation of drinkers. It was also the regular hang out for the Maidstone branch of the Socialist Workers Party and a lot of bikers of all types including rockers riding British bikes, particularly BSA A10's, often with sidecars and several clubs including the Norseman, the Trojans and the Kent chapter of the Hells Angels. They would park their bikes in the yard at the back of the pub which opened onto Earl Street and had a large painted sign saying 'No Motorcycles'. The landlord's name was Jack and for some time he had a barmaid by the name of June who later on worked as a traffic warden.

By 1977 some of the regulars had migrated to the "Royal Albion" in Havock Lane and the two pubs shared customers for some years but the Albion became the more used and the Tap lost most of its customers over the following few years.

The layout of the pub at this time seems to have been reversed from that shown in your interior photo with the dart board and games at the rear (Earl Street) end. To the left of the main entrance from Market Buildings there were back to back wooden booths with green leather seats providing considerable comfort and a degree of privacy but the overall feel of the place was shabby but comfortable with an easy-going atmosphere and some small scale drug dealing.

I believe it was a Ind Coope pub and remember the prices when I began drinking there - Mild 25p a pint, Bitter 26p and Lager 27p.

Regards, Bob Atfant.



MARSHALL William Henry 1881 also head ostler age 47 in 1881Census)

SHEFFIELD Walter 1901-13 (also cellarman age 58 in 1911Census) Kelly's 1903

WILSON Henry 1918-22+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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