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Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel

Open 2020+

1 High Street


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Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel 1916

Above photo 1916, kindly sent by Michael Norman.

Royal Bull and Vioctoria Hotel

Above photo, date unknown.

Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel

Above postcard, date unknown, kindly sent by Mark Jennings.

Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel 2012

Above photo 1 September 2012, by emdjt42.

Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel 2020

Above photo 2020.

Royal Bull and Vioctoria Hotel 2021

Above photo 2021.

Royal Bull and Vioctoria Hotel 2021

Above photo 2021.


This is almost certainly Dartford's oldest Inn and was probably owned by Dartford Priory. The "Bull" in the name refers not to the animal got to a "bulla" - a seal or papal edict secured by a seal.

It is said that this can be traced back to the 14th century when it was known as the "Holy Bull," the "Holy Seal" or "Holy Edict." However the original building was rebuilt in 1703 with a gallery overlooking the yard into which the stagecoaches would enter through an entrance twice as wide as today. The open yard was glazed over by the landlord in 1826 to provide a sheltered corn exchange and much of that is still in existence today. It has also been known as the "Bull and Victoria" and eventually gained its Royal prefix, and the two names reversed in honour of Queen Victoria, but as yet date of that unknown.

Also known as just the "Bull Hotel" this was a Commercial and Family Hotel and Posting House.

 The building began life as a hospice for the Augustinian Priory of SS Mary and Margaret on Watling Street, and was the first overnight stop for Canterbury-bound pilgrims from London. It was a busy coaching inn during the eighteenth century, and in 1775 Dr John Parker was killed by an exploding carbine there after being cornered by bailiffs seeking to recover his debts. The verdict was accidental death.

The cattle market was still in existence in the 1950s, when there was still much space behind it for the cattle market and general open market - the space is now taken up by a super market, shopping centre and car park.

To the left of the bar there was a well preserved mail coach - this was moved on a few years ago.

The Dartford Borough Museum also contains information about the Battle for Bull Centre. There was a clash between the local Salvation Army and town officials. The area opposite the hotel was traditionally used as a meeting place for religious and political groups. However, these meetings were ruled to be causing an obstruction and therefore local religious figures were imprisoned.


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Haunted by a small girl.

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POTTER Edward 1824+

POTTER Rowley Edward 1840-55+

BRAYS Mr 1858+

BRAY William Thomas 1874-82+ (age 57 in 1881Census)

DANCY George 1874+ (Bull Hotel Tap)

LAWRENCE Joseph 1891+

JONES Ernest Martin 1913+

JONES Mary Sophia Mrs 1918+

PULLMAN Walter 1918-22+

STEVENS Capt A E 1930-38+




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