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Earliest 1774+

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Three Tuns Inn

Latest ????

18 (5-6) King Street



It was mentioned in the song, "The Maidstone Landlords" in 1798. In 1680 it was described as being on the north side East Lane, and eventually took over the site of the "Sign of the Cock" but it is unknown whether it is the same building.


Kentish Gazette, 4 April 1820.


March 28, aged 73, Mr. Gazeley, landlord of the "Three Tuns Inn," Maidstone.


Kentish Gazette, 3 November 1820.

On Thursday last three men of suspicious looks, with a horse and cart, put up at the "Three Tuns Inn," in Maidstone. In the evening, the hostler perceived these men conveying away a sack of salt, which they had stolen from a carriers cart in the yard, he immediately gave information to the landlord, who sent for Mr. Leigh, the borsholder, who secured the men with some difficulty, and conveyed them to the Major's prison, where on examining their persons several skeleton keys were found. On a further search being made at the Inn, a sack was discovered in their cart, containing at the top a quantity of hay, but beneath lay concealed a small bag, contain upwards of 50 skeleton keys, of all sizes and shapes, a dark lanthorm, tinder-box and matches, and other implements used in housebreaking. It is supposed they are desperate characters from the Metropolis, who had planned robbing some houses in that town or neighbourhood, but most fortunately they were detected before they had carried their designs into execution.


From the Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, 12 October 1861.

Maidstone Petty sessions. Tuesday.

Before the Mayor, (Charles Ellis, Esq.) and Robert Cooper, Esq.

Thomas Epps, of Brunswick Street, Maidstone, boot closer, was brought up on remand, charged with stealing a purse with it's contents amounting to 1s. 10 1/2d., four pawn tickets, and a small knife, the property of John Jordan.

Elizabeth Mary Jordan deposed that she was the wife of John Jordan, who is living apart from her at St. Faith's Street, Maidstone. On the third instance, she met the prisoner and asked him to walk home with her, thinking that she would give him anything to drink as she was not well. He consented and they went to the "Three Tuns" in King Street where she treated him to a glass of ale, and afterwards accompanied her home. When he entered the house he assisted her daughter in undoing her stays, and then in making some gruel. A young woman was there who sent for half a pint of gin, and she poured about half of it into the gruel, the young woman drinking the remainder. The young woman then sent for another quartern, which was found in the bottle next morning. After taking the gin she felt better, and on putting her hand into her pocket to get her handkerchief she found her purse was gone. The prisoner was then present, and she accused him of taking it, but he denied having done so, and made his way to the door, and ran out. She then went out at the door and call to some one to stop him, she then put on her bonnet and shawl and went out, when she saw him in the custody of the police, and charged him with felony.

P.C. W. Kemsley, deposed that on Friday morning, the 4th instant, he was on duty in Week Street, at the top of St. Faith's Street. As he was standing there he heard a door opened, and he listened several minutes when the prisoner came out of the house and ran up the street towards him, and he stopped him. He directly heard someone sing out "stop him," and he took him back. He saw Mrs. Jordan, who said he had stolen her purse and four duplicates from the mantelpiece. The prisoner said he had not got the purse. He then took him to the station house, where, on searching him, he found the purse produced the purse contained a shilling, one six-pence, two-pence, half-penny in copper money, and small knife, which Mrs. Jordan identified as her property.

This being the case, and the prisoner having been asked in the usual way that he had to say, pleaded guilty. The Mayor severely reprimanded him and sentenced him to be imprisoned and kept to hard labour for two calendar months.



GAZELEY Mr to Apr/1820 dec'd

LAPPER/LEPPER Edward 1826-28+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

PARKS George 1830+ Kentish Gazette

WALLIS John H 1832+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

POUND James 1840-41+ (age 40 in 1841Census)

OTTAWAY Edward Steel 1851-62+ (age 37 in 1851Census)

WINKS Henry 1867+ Post Office Directory 1867

CLARK Herbert 1871+ (age 46 in 1871Census)

WARREN Charles 1874+

BRATTON James 1881-82+ (age 45 in 1881Census)

STAPLEY William 1891+

PAYNE Frederick C 1903+ Kelly's 1903

CLARKE William Allen 1911+ (age 29 in 1911Census)

OSBORNE Charles Robert 1913-18+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34


Kentish GazetteKentish Gazette

Post Office Directory 1867From the Post Office Directory 1867

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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