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Earliest 1859-


Closed ????

Marine Parade / Cheyney Rock Road



Above photo, late 1800s. By kind permission of Trevor Edwards.


Above photo kindly sent by Peter Moynahan. Date unknown.

Victoria 2000s

Above photo, 2000s. By kind permission of Trevor Edwards.

Victoria 2011

Above photo, 2011.

Victoria card 1970

Above card 1970.


I am informed by Reg Hunn that was locally known as the "Glass House" as the story goes that the house had been built by a military gentleman before The Window Tax to show how very wealthy he was. Apparently in the days of that period big windows meant large heat loss so residents required expensive fires and costly staff to look after them. Thus big windows meant the owner was well off and Marine Parade became the posh end of Sheerness.. The military fellow came unstuck with the introduction of The Window Tax aimed by the authorities at taxes aimed primarily for the wealthy.


Sheerness Guardian 1 January 1859.


MARINE TOWN, SHEERNESS. Mrs. Mc’TAVISH BEGS to return thanks to her Friends and the Public for past favours, and to announce that she can supply WINES AND SPIRITS Of the BEST QUALITY, and at Moderate Prices.

An Harmonic Meeting every Monday and Saturday Evenings.


Sheerness Guardian 26 February 1859.

Friday Feb. 25. before the Rev. J. Poore, D.D.

Mary Scully, a native of the Emerald Isle, was charged with stealing 10 cigars a shawl a pair of drawers, a pair of stays, a neck-tie, 3 handkerchiefs a silver medal, a chain, a purse, sundry beads and bracelets, a brooch and 3 12s. 1 1/2d in gold, silver and copper money, the total value of which was 9 the property of her mistress, Martha McTavish, of the "Victoria Hotel," Marine Town, Sheerness.

Martha McTavish deposed that on the 23rd, instant in consequence of having missed some money she searched and found 10 cigars and a brush concealed in a dress belonging to the prisoner. She then sent for a police man. The whole of the articles produced by the police were her property, and the money produced she believed to be hers. The prisoner has been in her service only three weeks.

Henry Foord, P. C. No. 171. K.C. deposed to finding the articles produced, and which are named in the charge, in the prisoners box, the key of which was found on the prisoner.

The depositions having been heard the prisoner was committed for trial at the ensuing spring Assizes.


Sheerness Guardian 26 March 1859.

Another Robbery at Sheerness.

Mary Scully, was also tried at the Maidstone arises for stealing from her mistress Martha Mc'Tavish, of the "Victoria Tavern," 3 12s. 1d. and a number of other articles. Several articles having been missed and the prisoner suspected, her box was searched and the stolen property discovered.

To be imprisoned six months to hard labour.





McTAVISH Martha 1859+

WHITE John 1861+ (age 29 in 1861Census)

RIDE Henry 1867-81+ (age 62 in 1881Census)

KENNEDY John 1882+

BROTHERS James 1891+ (also boiler maker age 51 in 1891Census)

BALDOCK John Thomas 1899+

JACKSON William Walter to May/1902 (wine & spirit merchant) Maidstone and Kentish Journal

Last pub licensee had WILKES Thomas May/1902-03+ Kelly's 1903Maidstone and Kentish Journal

SMITH William Hunter 1934-38+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


Maidstone and Kentish JournalMaidstone and Kentish Journal


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