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Earliest 1794-

White Hart Inn

Closed 1917

2 (36) Hart Street

West Borough


Elephant and Castle 1900

Above photo, 1900, by kind permission of Eric Hartland. The "White Hart" being just to the left of the "Elephant and Castle."


Originally addressed as West Borough then by 1855 the address became Hart Street. It was also mentioned in the song, "The Maidstone Landlords" in 1798.


Kentish Chronicles, 20 May, 1794.


Saturday morning died, Mr. Barnet, master of the "White Hart," at Maidstone.


Kentish Gazette, 9 January 1844.


Dec 31, at the "White Hart," Maidstone, Mrs. Isabella Barnett aged 51.


From the Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, 4 February, 1860.


Robert Seagar, labourer, was charged with being drunk and creating a disturbance in the "White Hart," public house, West Boro, on the 28th instant.

The prisoner, who expressed his sorrow for what had occurred, was fined 5s.

The money was paid.


South Eastern Gazette, 10 April, 1860.



THE "WHITE HART INN," Hart-street, Maidstone. Apply on the premises.


Local News on 29th January 1895.

At the Maidstone Police Court, George Horton was charged with assaulting Police Constable Highsted on Sunday 23rd January. The complainant stated that he was called in to the "White Hart," in West Borough, as was requested to turn out the defendant, who was creating a disturbance. He tried to induce him to leave quietly, but refused to do so, he used the most disgusting language and threatened to permanently injure him. With the assistance of some others, he turned him out and took him towards the police station. In Bank Street, he became violent and he was obliged to handcuff him, when he was savagely kicked. Sergeant Hills afterwards took the defendant to the police station. He was cursing and swearing and in King Street, he threw himself on his back and he was dragged the remainder of the way. Mr Blundell stated that he had been previously convicted of a savage assault, when he was fined 3 and costs. The Chairman said he had been guilty of a most disgraceful and unmanly assault, and he might have crippled the complainant for life. It was a question for the Bench, whether he should be sent to trail at the Assizes, but they gave him another chance and fined him 5 and costs or one month's hard labour.


From the Courier, 13 July 1917.


The West Kent Compensation Authority met at the Sessions House, Maidstone, on Thursday. Mr. Coles Child presiding.

Mr. Joseph applied for the renewal of the license of the “White Hart” fully licensed house, Maidstone, and Mr. Ellis on the ground of redundancy.

Chief Constable Mackintosh stated that there were 134 licensed houses to a population of 34,475 persons. On-licenses in the Borough represented one to each 377 inhabitants. The house was the property of Messrs. Isherwood and Co. licensed to Mrs. K. Mitchell, rated at 40, and a very good trade was done by a very respectable tenant. There were several fully licensed and other houses within a very small radius, giving ample accommodation for the public.

Chief Inspector Kent corroborated, and spoke highly of the conduct of the house.

Mr. A. Coveney, manager to the owners, gave the trade from 1912 as steadily increasing. The house was entirely re-built in 1900 at a cost of 1,080.

Mr. Mitchell, amongst other facts. Stated that an Oddfellows’ Club with about 175 members met at the “White Hart.”

Mr. Bracher followed with a formal application for the renewal of the license of the “Elephant and Castle” Beer-house. adjoining the “White Hart,” owned by Messrs. Style and Winch. Ltd., and licensed to Herbert Castle.

Mr. A. J. Ellis opposed the renewal on behalf of the Justices.

Chief Constable Mackintosh gave evidence as to redundancy, but admitted that a good trade was done.

Chief Inspector Kent gave the dimensions of the premises, and stated that the public floor spare of the “Elephant and Castle” was much larger then either that of the “White Hart” or two beer-houses near at hand.

Mr. Frost, of the owner’s firm, stated that the average trade was 273 barrels for the last seven years.

The Committee refused to renew the licenses in both cases.


Kent Messenger and Gravesend Telegraph, Saturday 28th July, 1917.

The licensing (Consolidation) Act, 1910.

Notice as to Sending in Claims to be treated as Persons Interested in Licensed Premises.

County of Kent, Western Division.

Notice is hereby given that the Compensation Authority for the above area having decided at their Principal Meeting held on 12th day of July, 1917, to refuse the Renewal of Licences of the premises specified below, all persons claiming to be interested in the said premises for the purpose of the payment of Compensation under the said act other than the Licencees and the Registered owner of the said premises are required to send to the Compensation Authority notice of their claims before the 20th day of August, 1917, for the purpose of enabling the Compensation Authority to ascertain in manner provided by the Licensing Rules, 1910, the persons entitled to Compensation on under the said Act in respect of the said premises.

Notice of claims, giving particulars of the interests claimed, should be sent to the Clerk of the Compensation Authority at this Office at the Sessions House, Maidstone.

"White Hart," Hart Street, Maidstone. Publicans. Mrs. Kate Mitchell. Isherwood and Co. Ltd., Maidstone.

W.B. Prosser, Clerk of the Compensation Authority, Sessions House, Maidstone. Dated this 26th day of July, 1917.


Maidstone Telegraph Saturday 17th November 1917.

West Kent Licensing Committee. Compensation appointments.

Mr. Coles Child presided, on Thursday, at a meeting of this committee, at the Sessions House, Maidstone, the other members present being: Colonel J. M. Rogers, Colonel Grubb, Messrs C. Tuff, Joseph Barker, R Batchelor, P. Butt-Gow, S. Lee Smith, H. Hannem, W. A. Smith-Masters, J. H. Hay Rudton, H. J. Wood and G. Naylor with the Clerk (Mr. W. B. Prosser), and the Valuer (Mr. H. M. Cobb, of Higham).

It was the "supplemental" meeting for the awarding of compensation in respect of licences "referred" earlier in the year.


The Clerk announced that agreements had been arrived at in the following cases:-

"White Hart" public house, Hart Street, Maidstone, total compensation awarded 1,376 - 1,137 for the owners (Messrs Isherwood and Co.) and 239 for the tenant (Mrs. Kate Mitchell.)



The pub was next door to the "Elephant and Castle" and closed in 1917. After closure it became Manwaring's fishmongers.



BARNETT Mr to May/1794 dec'd

BARNETT John 1826-51+ (also carpenter age 64 in 1851Census) Pigot's Directory 1828-29Pigot's Directory 1832-34Kentish Gazette

BARNETT Mary Mrs 1855+

BURT William 1861+ (age 42 in 1861Census)

JUPP Richard 1862-67+ Post Office Directory 1867

DORSETT Edward 1874+

RUSSELL George 1881-82+ (also gas fitter age 27 in 1881Census)

DORSETT Edward 1882+

FIELD George 1891-1903+ (age 36 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

MITCHELL Stephen 1913-17

MITCHELL Kate Mrs 1917


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