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Earliest 1757-

(Name from)

Dover Castle

Demolished 1990

7 Deptford Broadway

St. Paul


Dover Castle print 1875

Above print, circa 1875.

Dover Castle 1985

Above photo September 1985. Taken by friend of Matt Martin.

Dover Castle 1985

Above photo, 1985.


Now unfortunately demolished, in 1990 and replaced with a shop called Melvins.


Dover Castle premises 2015

Above photo, circa 2015.


A pub on this site can be traced back to 1400, and was originally called the "Christopher Inn." It was renamed the "Castle" in 1675 and again changed name to the "Dover Castle" in 1757. The original building was replaced by a new one in 1880 but finally closed in 1990 and has since been demolished and replaced by another new building.


Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser, Monday 22 November 1819.

Notice is hereby given, if any person or person's having any just and lawful Depts or Demands against Mrs. Elizabeth Blundell, deceased, of the parish of St. Nicholas, Deptford, Kent, They are hereby directed to apply to Mr. John Storey, on the premises; or Mr. John Martin, of the "Dover Castle Inn," Broadway, Deptford, executives, on or before the 26th of November, 1819; after which no accounts will be received.


Morning Chronicle, Tuesday 9 October 1838.

Parish of Deptford. Right to Vote of Shareholders in the Kent Water Works.

Mr. John Francis Martin, of the "Dover Castle Inn," Deptford, was objected to by the liberals.

The claimant produced the transfer of 500 stock in the Kent Water Works in support of the qualification set forth, which was "proprietor of the Kent Water Works."

In opposition to the claim the Companies Act, the 49 George III., was produced, the 3d section of which was as follows:- "And it be further enacted, with all and every the shares and proportions of all bodies politic, corporate, and collegiate, and all other person and persons of and in said undertaking, in the joint stock and fund of the said company of proprietors, shall be deemed personal estate, and transferable as such, and not of the nature of real property.

The Court said the shares were evidently personality, and not freehold, and therefore the name must be expunged.


West Kent Guardian, Saturday 20 March 1841.

There were two appeals against the assessment for the poor, viz., Mr. Thomas Gilbert, farmer of Erith against the assessment of that parish, and Mr. Martin, of the "Dover Castle," Deptford, against assessment for Deptford.

In the case of the "Dover Castle," Mr. Suter appeared for the appellants, and Mr. Hiddell for the respondents, Messrs. Ware, of the "Lord Duncan" G. Wheelhouse, H. Ledger, W. Wegg. R. Marshall, and Dr. Sheriff, the whole of whose premises it was alleged were rated below the actual value or the "Dover Castle" rated at to high a sum. The case was most skilfully argued by the two learning gentlemen mentioned. To prove his case Mr. Suter called a surveyor named Tress, of London, whose testimony was positive as to over rating. Mr. Hiddell, on the other hand, examined Mr. Hortons Ledger, who was decided in his opinion to the contrary. The room having been cleared the Court deliberated for about 20 minutes, when they decided to dismiss the appeal.


Kentish Mercury 14 June 1862.


Four Long Leasehold Dwelling Houses, held at the low Ground Rent of 2 per annum each.

Messrs Hards & Vaughan., will sell by auction, at the "Dover Castle," Deptford, on Tuesday, July 1st, in four lots. Four substantial brick built dwelling houses, eligibly situate being Nos, 11, 12, 13 and 14, Windmill Road, near East Evelyn Arms, Lower Road, Deptford, let to Messrs Westland, Hartivas, Huntingford, and Archer, and producing 7s per annum.

Particulars of E. Hughes, Esq, solicitor, 14 High Street, Woolwich, or of the auctioneers, Greenwich and 32, Abchurch Yard, Cannon Street. E.C.



MARTIN John 1819-32+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

MARTIN Robert Buchanan 1841-Feb/52 (age 70 in 1841Census)

COLLINGBOURNE James Stephen Feb/1852+

BARBER Edward F 1856-May/65 (widower age 46 in 1861Census)

BATCHELOR James Uglow May/1865-71+ (age 45 in 1871Census)


OVERTON Arthur H 1881-84+ (widower age 46 in 1881Census)

BOLTON George 1891+ (age 30 in 1891Census)

HOLDER Albert Thomas 1895+

BROWN Alfred 1899+

WILLIS William Arthur 1911+ (age 42 in 1911Census)

STUART James 1921+



Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34



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