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Earliest 1826-


Closed 1984

36 Deptford Broadway

St. Paul


Fountain 2007

Above photo March 2007. Taken by Matt Martin.

Former Fountain 2015

Above photo, circa 2015, by Ian Chapman.


I believe the pub closed in 1984 and in 2007 the pub was operating as a noodle bar.

Also referred to as the "Old Fountain."


From the Maidstone Gazette and West Kent Courier, 7 September, 1830.


An inquest was held on Tuesday at the "Fountain Tavern, Deptford, by J. Carttar, Esq., Coroner for Kent, on the body of Elizabeth Guillott, age 36, the daughter of a wealthy East Indian merchant, residing on Blackheath Hill, who had been missing for some days, and was found dead in the back attic of a miserable lodging house in Mill Lane, in the same room with a nearly famished woman and two infants in the last stage of existence from the smallpox. It appears that the lady was at times very flighty, and was in the habit of taking laudanum; that she had purchased small quantities at different times, and having hired a filthy bed in the above miserable house, for which he paid 4d., took upwards of an ounce and a half on the evening of her dissolution (Monday). This of course caused a stupor, from which the lodging house keeper could not revive her, and on calling in medical assistance she was found to be too far gone for medical aid.

Verdict:- That the deceased poisoned herself, being at the time and a state of mental derangement.


Perry's Bankrupt Gazette 04 October 1830.


Bigsby, William, formerly of the "Fountain," Broadway, Deptford, victualler, late of Deptford, Kent, out of business.


South Eastern Gazette. Tuesday 28 December 1841.

On Monday and inquest was held before Mr Carttar, coroner, at the "Fountain," Broadway, Deptford, on the body of Mr. W. T. Burch, age 39, who died on Saturday. It appeared from the evidence, that deceased was a gentleman of independent property, residing at Mrs. Briant's, Deptford, but had lately taken to drinking ardent spirits. He kept a bottle of brandy under his pillow, and frequently got up during the night to drink; he had not been sober for a month together. This evidence was given by Jane Harwood, who was evidently suffering from delirium tremens; she said she never drank brandy, nothing but wine. Mr. Sheriff, surgeon, was sent for on Friday night, and found him insensible, owing to intemperance. There being no doubt that he had died from excessive drinking, the jury returned a verdict to that effect.



BIGSBY William 1826-30+

PACKER William 1832+ (Pigot's Directory 1832-34 "Old Fountain")

WACKRILL Evan 1840+

STEPHEN Richard to Jan/1846 Kentish Mercury

ELLWOOD Thomas Jan/1846-Jan/47 Kentish Mercury

ASSITER Thomas Jan/1847-50+

COOK Charles 1851-Aug/67 (age 32 in 1861Census)

McPHERSON James Aug/1867-91+ (age 40 in 1871Census)

WARREN Henry George 1895+

CHAPLYN Margaret Mrs 1910+

LEE Horace Henry 1911+ (age 28 in 1911Census)

BARTHOLOMEW William Joseph 1915-21+

IVE Arthur Robert William 1934+

RANDALL Tom & Margaret 1950-53


Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34


Kentish MercuryKentish Mercury


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