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Earliest 1826-

Noah's Ark

Closed 1986+

412 (1 in 1881Census) Evelyn Street/225 Deptford High Street/1 Broomfields 1861Census


Noah's Ark 1986

Above photo September 1986. Taken by friend of Matt Martin.

Noah's Ark

Above photo date unknown.


In the 1851 census the address was given as "Noah's Ark, Broomfields, St Pauls, Deptford.

The Kentish Mercury says it was a beer house under consideration for closure due to redundancy in 1908.

I am informed that the pub closed some time around 1986 and has been converted into a solicitors office.


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal 02 December 1825.



This was an action for slanderous words spoken by Mrs. Stroud to the injury of the plaintiff's character. The plaintiff is a baker, and the defendant keeps the "Noah's Ark" public-house, in Deptford. The slanderous words were uttered by Mrs. Stroud in January, 1824. They were these:- "You, Davy Jones, have been transported for stealing wool from your master's waggon;" and "that he had been discharged by his master, being 208 short in your accounts."

The words were given as they are here written; and were read from a memorandum-book, by a witness (John Patterson, a broker), who was called for the plaintiff.

Patterson at first said, that he made the memorandum on the evening the words were spoken. On his cross-examination he admitted that he made it the morning after; but in the course of his cross-examination, it came out that this memorandum was only a copy of the original, and taken six months or a year (he could not say which) after the original was written. When asked for the original memorandum, he at first said that he gave it to the attorney in the cause, and that it was not returned. (The attorney was examined as to this fact, and positively swore that the original was returned to witness.) Witness then said he had lost it, and did not know where to find it. On being pressed by the Lord Chief Justice to produce the paper, the witness (after fumbling about in his pockets for a long time) at length stooped down in the witness-box, and picked up two bits of it, which (as he said) had fallen from him. On examining these scraps it did not appear that the words on them exactly corresponded with those already stated by the witness, nor was either a correct copy of what was set forth in the declaration.

Under these circumstances, the Lord Chief Justice directed the plaintiff to be nonsuited.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Monday 4 January 1869.

Public House Attractions.

An Irishman, named Denis Mahoney, after spending Christmas Eve at the "Noah's Ark," High Street, Deptford, was loath to quit the premises. Being ejected when the house was closed at midnight, he afterwards forced open the front door, and assaulted the landlord.

In consequence he appeared before Mr. Maude, on Saturday, and was fined 20s., with the alternative of 14 days' imprisonment.



JONES Davy 1825+ (also baker)

STROUD John 1826-32+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

BARLOW Edward Richard 1840+

KEELEY Thomas 1848-51+ (age 35 in 1851Census)

WHITE John 1852-58+

WHITE Mary 1861+ (widow age 62 in 1861Census)

FROST John Percy Aug/1866-Nov/68

CLAPHAM John Nov/1868+

ANDREWS Harry A 1881-82+ (age 25 in 1881Census)

ANDREWS William 1891+

WINN William 1895+

CHAPMAN Robert Samuel 1899+

CHURCH Herbert 1918-21+ (age 33 in 1911Census) Kentish Mercury

EVANS Eric Richard E 1934-38+

BAKER Aug James 1944+


Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34


Kentish MercuryKentish Mercury


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