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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton, Jim Packer & Mike Payne

Earliest 1710

Plough Inn

Latest 1986

(Name to)

2 Northend Road

Erith and (Crayford pre 1934)


Jim Packer author of the "Lost Pubs of Bexley" says the building can be traced back to 1710, in 1934 Kent County Council moved the boundary between Erith and Crayford up to Boundary Road. Hence this was originally addressed as in Crayford. The 3 Plough cottages were demolished with the pub which was rebuilt and reopened on the 15 December 1937. The name changed to the "Boundary" in 1986, and again in 1998 to the "Style & Winch." After being boarded up for a few years it became a Tesco's in 2010.


Kentish Gazette, 17 December 1844.


On Tuesday last, Mr. Alfred Watts, the foreman of Mr. White, brickmaker, left his home, in company with his wife, and left her at the "Plough" at North End with his brother, whilst he proceeded across the fields to inspect some repairs at a small Scotch terrier which had accompanied him, returned to the "Plough", jumped up into the lap of his mistress, pawed at her about, and whined piteously.

She at first took no particular notice of the animal, but pushed him from her, he then caught hold of their clothes, pulled at them repeatedly, and continued to whine incessantly. he endeavoured also in a similar way to attract the attention of the brother. At last all present noticed his importunate anxiety, and the wife then said she was convinced something had happened to her husband. The brother and the wife, with several others, went out and followed the dog, who led them, through the darkness of the night, which was very great, to the top of a precipice nearly fifty feet deep, and standing on the bank, held his head over and howled in a most distressing manner. They were convinced that the poor man had fallen over, and, having gone round to the bottom of the pit, they there found him lying under the spot pointed out by the dog, quite dead, and weltering in his blood, having fallen upon his head. It was clear that, from the darkness of the night, he had mistaken the direction, there being no defined path, and by deviating about twenty yards, had walked over the precipice. The deceased, who was perfectly sober at the time, was a steady and industrious man, and was much respected in the village. He has left a family of three children. An inquest was holden on Thursday, when a verdict of "Accidental Death" was recorded.


Information from Mike Payne.

The Plough, Northend Road.

The "Plough" stood on the east side of Northend Road between Boundary Street and Arthur Street. Although always part of Crayford it was often thought of as an Erith pub.

The earliest reference I have found is in Pigot's Directory of 1826 where the landlord was Robert Saunter. In the 1840 issue of the same publication it was Thomas Bartholomew James. The premises can't be identified in the 1841 Census.

In 1846 there is a reference to the licence being transferred from Thomas Deene to Thomas Yearton(?).



SAUNTER Robert 1826-32+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29Pigot's Directory 1832-34

JAMES Thomas Bartholomew 1840+

DEENE Thomas to 1846

YEARTON Thomas 1846+

COOKE Richard 1851-Nov/51 (age 32 in 1851Census)

SWEETING Samuel Nov/1851+

HITCH Alfred 1861+ (age 38 in 1861Census) Post Office Directory 1861

PORTLOCK James 1862+ Kelly's 1862

CLARKE David 1864-81+ (age 53 in 1871Census) Kelly's 1874

CLARKE Eliza 1891+ (widow age 74 in 1891Census)(11 South Road)

BUTLER E to 1893

SAUNDERS George 1893-99+

BURKE Edward R 1901+ (age 44 in 1901Census)

SINDEN William 1903+ Kelly's 1903

JEWISS Charles Napier 1911+ (age 34 in 1911Census)97 Northend Road)

LANE William George 1913-22+

WOOLSEY Henry Percival 1930-39+ Kelly's 1838

PURVEY Frank T 1939+ (also master plumber age 40 in 1939)

HARRIS John W 1952-55+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Post Office Directory 1861From the Post Office Directory 1861

Kelly's 1862From the Kelly's Directory 1862

From the Post Office Directory 1867

Kelly's 1874From the Kelly's Directory 1874

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Kelly's 1838From the Kelly's Directory 1938



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