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Earliest 1851-

Travellers Rest

Latest 1872+




I have only found the one reference to this establishment at present and that was in the Licensing Records of 1872 where it was stated the premises held a Beer License and was owned by Mary Elizabeth Lock Beveridge of Ramsgate.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Tuesday 26 October 1852.

Chatham. Stealing tools.

John Barkham, soldier, 25, (imp.) was charged with stealing two saws and a hammer, value 11s. the property of William Tapsell, and a saw, value 6s. the property of John Tapsell at Gillingham.

The prosecutor deposed:- He was a joiner in the dockyard at Chatham. On the 8th September, he saw the two saws and a hammer safe in the building where he was at work at Chatham Hill; on the 10th he missed them. He had since seen the sow and hammer at Mr. Simms pawnbroker, at Chatham; and the same evening he saw the other saw in Mr. Everest's possession.

Margaret Douglas, lives with her husband James Dublin a pensioner, at Sheerness. On Friday, after the races, the prisoner asked her to do him a favour. He gave her a saw and hammer and told her to get 2s. for them. She went to Mr. Simms' and pawned them for 1s 6d. She gave the prisoner the money and ticket directly afterwards. In the evening, prisoner came to her with another saw and asked her to get 2s. on it. She went to the nearest pawnbrokers shop, the owner of which told her he should detain the saw as he had heard it was stolen. She waited till Mr. Everest the constable came, when she took him to the prison, whom he apprehended.

William Thomas Clothier, assistant to Mr. Simms, pawnbrokers of Chatham, deposed, that on the afternoon of 10th September, the last witness came to the shop and pawned there a saw and hammer for 1s. 6d. under the name of Margaret Smith.

Thomas Robert Everest, superintendent constable, produced a saw and hammer, which he obtained from the last witness, on the 10th September. In a pawnbroker's shop at Chatham, he found Mrs. Douglas with a saw, the larger one of the two produced. Accompanied Mrs. Douglas to the "Travellers Rest" public house, and saw the prisoner, who at first denied knowing anything about any saws. Witness proceeded to search him, when he "It's no use, I'll give you the duplicates, I did give the saws to the woman to pledge." He (Everest) then took the duplicates from the prisoner, one of which induced him to make enquiries at the shop where he first saw the prisoner, where he found another saw.

John Tapsell, china seller, at Chatham, deposed to having missed, on the 10th September, from the same building as mentioned by Inchcomb, a saw which he had seen safe in the building on the evening of 8th September. That saw, which had his name up on it, he afterwards saw in the shop of Mr. Goodham, a pawnbroker, at Chatham.

Guilty. 2 months hard labour.


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 3 March 1863.

Conviction for Using Illegal Weights and Measures.

At the county magistrates' justice room, Rochester, on Wednesday last, Edward Butler, keeper of the "Traveller's Rest" Beerhouse, Chatham, was charged by Inspector Flenley with having 5 beer measures in his possession, all deficient.

The defendant was convicted in a penalty of 2 and 12th. costs.

At the same time Ann Hull, a huckster, Fair Row, Chatham, was also charged with having a pair of scales and three weights in her possession, all lights and unjust.

The magistrates inflicted a penalty of 1 and costs.



Last pub licensee had BUTLER Edward 1851-58+ (age 25 in 1851Census)

BUTLER Hannah 1872+ Licensing Records 1872


Licensing Records 1872Licensing Records 1872



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