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Earliest 1681

Anchor and Crown (Iron Gate)

Closed 1958

34 High Street



Anchor and Crown

Above photo, date unknown. Kindly supplied by John Hopperton.


This pub has also been referred to as the "Crown and Anchor" and also the "Iron Gate" for some reason. The first I can see the confusion, but the second may be a local nick-name, as yet reason unknown.

The pub was rebuilt in 1885.

The licence was finally surrendered on the 3rd February, 1958 and the license was transferred to the "King of Belgians." The licensee at the time of change was P Bristow, who moved to the "Kent" and died a week later.

Further information from Jason Kemsley tells me the following:- "The pub is the "Anchor and Crown" known as the 'Iron Gate' as there was a metal grill gate along the alley where the woman is passing in my pic below. It was demolished along with a few other buildings in 1958 when the Woolworth building was erected. Shown in other pic opposite Burtons.

Anchor and Crorn pre 1958

Above photo pre 1958, kindly sent by Jason Kemsley.

Anchor and Crown location 1858

Above photo 1958 kindly sent by Jason Kemsley.

Anchor and Crown location

Above photo, date unknown, by Darkstar.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette 10 December 1836.

Dec 2nd Mr Thomas Carley, of the "Anchor & Crown Tavern," Gravesend.


Kentish Independent, Saturday 14 May 1853.

James Flisher, landlord of the "Crown and Anchor," was similarly summoned, for having his house open for the sale of liquor on Sunday morning.

Police Constable White stated that going into the house, he saw two women drinking gin, in front of the bar.

The Bench inflicted the following penalty, Mr. Flisher 7s. and costs 7s. 6d.

The Bench in reply to a question from one of the publicans present said that they did not consider persons coming from London on pleasure by the steamboat's were "travellers," such as a law contemplated in the exceptions.


Canterbury Weekly, 10 December, 1836.


Dec 2. Mr. Thomas Carley, of the "Anchor and Crown Tavern," Gravesend.


Southeastern Gazette, 10 May 1853.

Friday. Before J. Saddingion, Esq., Mayor, R, Oakes, C. Spencer, and E. Tickner, Esqrs.)

James Flisher, "Crown and Anchor," had also a complaint laid against him. (for keeping his house open on Sunday morning) White in this case saw two females in the house drinking gin.

Fined 7s. and costs.


Gravesend Reporter, North Kent and South Essex Advertiser, Saturday 19 May 1883.

Leonard West Harris was charged with illegally selling intoxicating liquors.

Mr. C. R. Gramshaw appeared for the defendant.

P.S. Goodwin stated that about 11:45 on Thursday night he went in company with P.C. Watson into the "Waterloo Tavern," and found seated with the quality of drink up on the table.

P.C. Watson corroborated.

Mr. Superintendent Barry said that at 9:40 on the previous Thursday evening the defendant went to the police station and asked for an extension of time, which was, of course refused.

Mr. Gramshaw pleaded that the landlord was given a supper upon the occasion of his birthday, and produced the family Bible, in which was the date of the defendant's birth. He referred to section 30 of the Licensing Act, which provided for a publican entertaining his friends.

Charles Rogers, landlord of the "Anchor and Crown," Gravesend, who was one of the 11 persons found in the clubroom, stated that he was there upon the bonafide invitations of the landlord, and that no money was paid for drink.

Charles Harry Bemley said he was one of the guests invited to supper at Mr Harris's. He did not pay for anything, and he was prepared to swear that no money passed between Mr. Harris and either of the guests.

Mr. Heaton, the uncle of the defendant, dive corroborative evidence.

The Bench considered the case proved and inflicted a fine of 10s. 6d, and costs.

There were also summonses against the persons who were on the premises, but these were withdrawn.


Clerkenwell News 18 May 1869.

PUBLIC HOUSE (Old-established).

To Let, a great bargain; making up eight beds; doing 30 barrels monthly; large concert room; rent 40 per year; furniture and effects all at 500; possession at once. "Anchor and Crown," High-street, Gravesend.


Dundee Evening Telegraph 28 March 1950.


Mrs. Potter, wife of the landlord of the "Globe and Laurel" public-house, Gillingham, who was known to old-time music-hall audiences as Queenie May, is to sing again.

She will appear at a benefit concert which friends are putting on for her next month at Gravesend, where for 26 years she held the licence of the "Iron Gate Inn."

Now 57, Queenie began her stage career at the age of Seven. She sang at clubs and concerts in London.

Then one day a kindly Scottish gentleman, who had seen her perform, took her to see a manager friend in his brougham.

She got a contract. Her benefactor was the late Sir Harry Lauder.

Queenie was on the stage until 1914 and appeared with all the great names - Marie Lloyd, Kate Carney, the White-Eyed Kaffir, and Herbert Campbell. She used to sing character songs such as "I'm waiting for the old-age pension."

Now she is brushing up some of the old favourites for the concert.



CARLEY Thomas 1824-2/Dec/1836 dec'd Pigot's Directory 1828-29Pigot's Directory 1832-34

COLLINS Sarah 1840+

FLISHER James 1851-May/53 (age 61 in 1851Census) Kentish Independent

HAWKINS Jeremiah May/1853-55+ Kentish Independent

HAWKINS James 1858-Mar/60

BARKER Elizabeth Ann Mar/1860-61+ (age 49 in 1861Census)

JACKSON Henry 1862-65+

McGREGOR John 1874+

Last pub licensee had WHINNEY Charles 1876

WALTER C W 1876+

TUCKER William 1878+

POTTER James Mar/1879+ Gravesend Reporter

MANNING George T Manning 1881 (Eldest Son, Licensed Victuallers Manager age 25 in 1881Census)

MANNING George 1882+

ROGERS Charles 1883+HOLLAND Thomas James (Henry) to Apr/1891 (age 21 in 1891Census)

Last pub licensee had CLINCH Charles Apr/1891-07+ (widower age 42 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903Gravesend Reporter

WALTER Horace 1913+

WALTER H Mrs 1922+

POTTER Mabel Florence Mrs Next pub licensee had 1930-38+

BRISTOW P Next pub licensee had to Nov/1958


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34


Gravesend ReporterGravesend Reporter

Kentish IndependentKentish Independent


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