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Earliest 1959

Beauty of Bath

Open 2020+

College Road


01795 477415

Beauty of Bath 2012

Above photo 2012 by David Anstiss Creative Commons Licence.

Beauty of Bath sign 1994Beauty of Bath sign 1994

Above signs 1994 from Roger Pester

Beauty of Bath sign 2014

Above sign 2014.


The "Beauty of Bath" was built in 1959 to serve the new estate on the south side of Sittingbourne and has since been extended on several occasions.

Like any pub the "Beauty of Bath" has changed its character over the years, it now (2014) trades as a true Community Pub, with a Sports Bar catering more to the young adults; a lounge bar and restaurant area catering to families and older residents, and a beautiful beer garden that everyone enjoys when the sun comes out.


From the By Ellis Stephenson, 16 May 2019.

Firefighters called to The Beauty of Bath in College Road, Sittingbourne.

Punters had to evacuate a pub after a kitchen grill caught alight.

Everyone was outside by the time firefighters arrived at The Beauty of Bath in College Road, Sittingbourne, at about 1.47pm yesterday.

Two crews from Sittingbourne Fire Station were sent and no casualties were reported.

Two firefighters went inside to put it out, using oxygen masks to help prevent them breathing in smoke.

Crew manager Mat Barney said: "It was very hard because the fire was behind the cooker.

"It wasn't down to their housekeeping because it was very good.

"This was just an unfortunate case of fat catching and igniting.

"The staff conducted a textbook evacuation of the premise and it was contained to the grill that was on fire and we very quickly put it out and isolated the supplies.

"The only thing I saw were some salads already made up on plates on the side, what they were going to put on it I don't know.

"I'm pretty sure if they get a service engineer out to have a look at it they'd soon get it put back in order very quickly.

"They were able to maintain their business, they just couldn't offer any hot food."

The cause of the fire was accidental and crews left by 2.21pm.




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