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Earliest 1527

Black Boy and Bowl or Blackboy and Packhorse

Latest 1727

Bottom of High Street on East side



Information collected from "Gazetteer of Gravesend and Milton Inns and Public Houses" by E. R. Green. May 2000.

This pub has been recorded as being situated at the bottom of the High Street on the east side, but with no exact address yet known. This could indicate that the pub has been renamed or that the records are incorrect or incomplete.

Information does say the building burnt down in 1727 and was never rebuilt.

Owned by the Poole alias Morris family in the 16th century. Site owned by Thomas Dalton in 1778. M.P.R. May 1600.


It may also be another name for the "Three Bowls."


Milton next Gravesend Burials from the register of St Peter & St Paul.

5 May 1600. Henrie Cooper, hosteler at the Black Boye.


4 Nov 1620. Robert Webster, Chamberlaine at the Black Boy.


20 Dec 1623. Mr William Cutter one of the Earle of Mongomeries G__t who died at the Black Boy.


5 Dec 1624. Peeter Williamson a Coachman that died at the Blackboy.


7 Oct 1629. Richard Yelley that died at the Blackboy.


22 May 1638. Jespar Godson, dyed att the Blacke-boy.


23 Oct 1635. John _u_e, a stranger who died at the Blew Boye.


From an email received from Captain Paul Hughes. 25 July 2014.

National Maritime Museum, DAR/18 [f. 7v]

(1688 September)

24 Tooke Post at Deale and at night got Gravesend

(Ordered to be Master to my Lord Dartmouth in the Resolution)

♂ 25 At three a Clock in the morning tooke a pare of Oars to goe up to London where I waited on Mr Secretary Pepis, and there met my Lord Dartmout, who his Maj. hath made Lord Admill. of his Fleete for this Prensent Expedition, who did me the Honour to appoynt me to be his Master in the Resolution, and emediatly I went with his Lordship into his barge and wend downe aboard his yacht. at night his Lordship went a Shoare at Eriffe, where his Coach met him, to cary him to Chatham, to dispatch his owne and Some other Shipps, which are Ordered out, I went for Gravesend with Lieut. Wright, in Order to take Coach therefor Chatham, But at Graves End I was taken with a Lameness in all my Limbs. and was not able to move my Selfe Soe I was put into a bed at the Black Boy, which lameness was caused by my riding Post and Catching cold afterwards by goeing by water.


(Lame at Gravesend)


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