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George Vaults

Open 2020+

35 High Street


01634 817165

George Vaults 2013

Above photo circa 2014.

George Vaults 2014

Above photo kindly supplied by John Hopperton.

George Vaults inside 2014

Above photo 2014 showing the inside of the "George Vaults" kindle supplied by John Hopperton. The vaults go back to the 13th century.

George Vaults inside

Inside the "George Vaults."

George Vaults 1950

Above photo, 1950, kindly sent by Debi Birkin and Rory Kehoe.

George Vaults sign 1991

Above sign, October 1991.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


The premises has four separate bar areas, each with their own unique atmosphere, the most striking being the Vault Bar itself, which can be traced back to 1325. The chamber is 54ft long, 16ft wide and 11ft high with 4 quadripartite vaults, the shell of the vault being made up of chalk ashlars. There are ribs on the groins with 9 carved ornamental bosses at the intersections.

Closed for nearly one year during restoration, the Crypt owes its origin to a chamberlain of the priory during the time of Bishop Gundulph. Originally known as "Saint George and Dragon," the building burned down in 1768 and the present structure was created over the vault. Since the 14th Century Vault had been rediscovered in 2002 by father and son Mr Mark Lucas and Lloyd Haines; it has been very popular as a meeting place for hundreds of locals and tourists wanting to discover the true beauty of such a masterpiece of architecture which still characterises the original tunnel passages that lead to Rochester Castle and Rochester Cathedral.

The Crypt is also said to mark the site of the Church of St Mary, within The Walled City of Rochester, but has never been found. The owners believe the ghosts and spirits still visit our vault regularly.


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From the By Lizzie Massey, 19 December 2015.

Robin Collins refused entry to George Vaults bar in Rochester for wearing kilt.

It might have been all right for Mel Gibson in Braveheart, but it seems wearing a kilt was a fashion statement too far for one Rochester doorman.

For when Robin Collins marched towards the "George Vaults" showing his knees he was told: “You’re not coming in here looking like that.”

With his Celtic ancestors no doubt spinning in their graves, Mr Collins did a Highland fling and moved on to another bar that provided more of a welcome.

Robin Collins 2015

Robin Collins in his kilt.

It is the first time the 40-year-old photographer has had any such problems. He is often seen in his leather kilt – even taking a brisk winter walk from his home in Marsh Crescent, High Halstow, to a pub in Cooling.

The fitness fan takes part in high-intensity “Spartan runs” and spends a lot of time at the Virgin Active Medway gym.

Last Saturday night he and a group of about 25 people from the gym’s spinning class went out for a Christmas do, starting with a meal at the Shozna before moving on to the Vaults.

George Vaults 2015

Mr Collins was refused entry to George Vaults.

He said: “It was a bit of a laugh to get my legs out, because I’m known for my calves. But I do wear the kilt generally as well.

“I got a lot of nice comments on it at the Shozna. It’s always a good conversation starter.”

But he received a much cooler reception when he arrived at the bar at around 10.30pm.

Mr Collins, who assured KentOnline he always wears underwear while in the kilt after some embarrassing pranks when he wore it in his early 20s, said: “I’m quite a big bloke and I don’t know if the bouncer immediately took a dislike to me or what.

“We were queuing outside and one of the group, Claire, was cold, so I gave her my sheepskin coat. It was that little act of chivalry that got me spotted, I think.

“I got to the door and the bouncer just said ‘you’re not coming in here looking like that’.

“I couldn’t believe it – not being able to wear a kilt in the United Kingdom? I feel like that’s offensive to our own culture. Even the Royal Family wear kilts on Christmas Day.

“My friend got in just wearing a T-shirt while I was in a smart shirt, and I saw people inside in fancy dress. I suppose I should have said I was in fancy dress and maybe I would have got in, but I shouldn’t have had to.

"I’d even gone out that day because I needed new smart shoes, and that’s normally what they have the problem with. I didn’t want to argue, so I left with my brother.”

The pair went into the Singapora without a problem, but being separated from the group had ruined the mood, and after one drink they got a taxi home.

The George Vaults manager declined to give a comment, but responded to Mr Collins’ complaint this week saying: “I am sorry to hear that you encountered problems with our door staff on Saturday night.

George Vaults kilt cartoon

“We as a business do respect traditions at Christmas and as far as I am aware we have always allowed kilts in our venue. We can only apologise once again for the whole misunderstanding.”

Mr Collins, who once appeared on Blind Date, said: “I’m glad they’ve apologised, but they can’t change the fact that it ruined my night and the Christmas do.”



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