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Green Man

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Project 2014 has been started to try and identify all the pubs that are and have ever been open in Kent. I have just Started to map out the pubs that exist or existed in Plumstead, but need local knowledge and photographs, old and current if you have any.

As the information is found or sent to me, including photographs, it will be shown here.

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Kentish Independent, 09 September 1865.


William Hodskins 44, of 6, Bloomfield Road, Plumstead, and William Tidy, 32. of Bexley Heath, were charged with stealing, and Henry Malings, landlord of the "Green Man Tavern," Plumstead, with receiving five trusses of straw, the property ot the Crown.

Barrack Sergeant E. Wright, of 40, Eleanor Road, Woolwich, was the prosecutor, Major Sullivan, Barrack Master, R.A. being also present.

Mr. Daly, barrister, defended Malings.

Sergeant Newton, military police, said that on the previous evening he saw a load, apparently of refuse straw, near the forage store in the Barracks, and on examining it closely, saw that there were several trusses of new straw at the bottom. Malings, who was there, said the straw was his, but that he did not know there was any new amongst it, Tidy was the driver of the horse and van, and Hodskins, who was also present, was employed by the Barrack Department. They all denied knowing anything of the new straw, of which he found 5 trusses at the bottom of the van. The refuse straw was also in trusses, having been used in soldiers' beds, and was very different to new straw.

Thomas Lovett Howard, son of Mrs. Howard, of Powis Street, Woolwich, who contracts for the purchase of the refuse straw at the Royal Artillery barracks, said that he was present when the van was loaded. The old straw was kept outside the store, and the new inside. Witness saw Tidy bring some of the new straw out of the store and put it with the old, Malings throwing the five trusses into the van. Witness's uncle, Mr, Laurence, put up the refuse straw. Hodskins was sitting down close by but witness did not know whether he saw the new straw loaded; he seemed to be looking another way. The store was shut up when the van was loaded. The straw was left outside for some time before the van came up. Malings accompanying it. Witness could see that the five trusses were new, and said to Tidy "That is not yours it belongs to the Barracks," to which Tidy replied "What is that to do with you?" Malings was within hearing.

John Laurence, uncle to the last witness, said that he pitched up the old straw and did not see anything of the new, the five trusses being put into the van before he got there. The lad counted the trusses of old straw of which there were 37 and on coming to the new ones. Tidy said "They have nothing to do with you." Malings was standing by, but said nothing.

Mr. John Bampton, superior barrack sergeant, said he had charge of the stores, and on the previous day directed the prisoner Hodskins to see 80 soldiers beds refilled with new straw, it was his duty to see that none of the new straw was taken away with the refuse.

The prisoner Hodskins declared that he did not see any of the new straw taken out by Tidy. It might have been done without his observation while he was at the other end of the store.

At the suggestion of Police Sergeant Wright, the witness Howard was recalled, and said that he saw Hodskins, early in the afternoon, hand a quantity of loose new straw to Tidy, saying "Take that," and directly after, Tidy fetched out another bundle. Hodskins was inside the store.

Mr Bampton said the value of the five new trusses of straw was 4s 5d.

Randall, the War Office detective, said that he charged the two first prisoners with stealing, and Millings with receiving. The last named prisoner said he had a load and a quarter in the van, but witness found only a load (26 trusses) and one truss over, besides the five new trusses.

Mr. Traill remanded the prisoners for a week, taking bail for Malings one surety in 80, and himself in 80.


Changed name to "O'Dowds," but as yet I do not know when.



MILTON Joseph 1832-34+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

BEADLE John 1840+

NOKES John to Aug/1850

McNAMARS Patrick Aug/1850+

COOPER William to Aug/1852

LAWRENCE Thomas Aug/1852-Jan/64

SHEPPARD George Jan/1854+

EVANS Mr 1858+

BAKER James to Nov/1858

BARNETT Isaac Nov/1859-62

WILLIAMSON William 1866+ (Green Man in the village)

WEAVER George P 1854-91+ (Widow age 52 in 1891Census)

DIPPLE Richard 1896-1901+

DIPPLE Richard Edward & Son 1908+

DIPPLE Richard Edward 1911+ (age 38 in 1911Census)

DADD George Benjamin 1919+

FOX Wilhelmina 1932+

DEFRIES Martin 1938+

DEFRIES Martyn & Co Ltd 1944+


Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34



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