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Earliest 1898

Kent and Essex Hotel

Closed 2006

98 Old Road West/Darnley Road


Kent and Essex 1908

Above photo, circa 1908, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Kent and Essex Hotel

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by Jason Kemsley.

Kent and Essex sign 1990

Above sign, September 1990.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


From, 13 June, 2007

Kent and Essex Hotel fire

The blaze at the Kent and Essex pub in Old Road West, Gravesend, raged for three hours until 40 fire-fighters brought it under control.

A FIRE which destroyed the roof and first floor of a disused pub is being investigated by the police.

The blaze broke out at the Kent and Essex pub in Old Road West, Gravesend, at 8.30am on Saturday.

Flames were seen shooting from the roof of the disused building and thick black smoke was seen pouring out.

Around 40 fire officers tackled the blaze until 11.40am and police were called to control traffic on the busy road.

Hyder Homes, which took over the pub and its land from previous owner Admiral Taverns in March, said it had been talking to Gravesham Council about the building's future use.

The building company's director, Kelly Bains, said: "We would have liked to build flats or houses on both sides and convert the pub into flats.

"I'm not really sure what we'll do now but we will be seeking advice from the council about what can be done. It's certainly a big disappointment for us."

Mr Bains says the police had been called a number of times because of children breaking into the derelict building, stealing roof slates and jumping on the fences.

He said: "Kids are always going round there, being a nuisance and causing trouble.

"Although we look round our properties quite often, there's a chance there were squatters there."

Pelham councillor Derek Sales, said: "From speaking to people, it seems children have been getting in there through a back entrance and playing about inside but as far as I know there were no squatters there."

Cllr Sales confirmed no planning applications had been made for the site.

He added there had been talks about the property being converted into flats or refurbished and turned into a restaurant.

Cllr Sales said: "We would have preferred it to be used as a restaurant ourselves because we have got so many flats in Gravesend at the moment.

Gravesend Historical Society secretary Sandra Soder says she remembered the pub had been very popular during its heyday in the 1930s and it had a bowling green up until the 1960s.

She said: "Older men used to go there, especially members of the bowling club.

"Unfortunately there are a lot of pubs disappearing in Gravesham and it's very sad when they are lost.

"Quite a few have been lost and are being converted into flats and this is now another one which looks like it's disappeared."

The Kent and Essex opened in 1898 and was one of the last Victorian pubs to be built in Gravesend.

Gravesham Heritage Association secretary Tony Larkin, said: "It was a very attractive building and it's a great shame to see it go."

A Kent police spokesman says the cause of the fire is being investigated.


Kent and Essex location 2014

Above image from Google, May 2014, showing the location.


After the fire in 2006 the pub was subsequently demolished two years later in 2008.



PAXMAN Albert E 1901+ (age 28 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

SMITH Thomas 1911-22+ (age 42 in 1911Census)

EVANS T A 1988-90+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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