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Earliest 1768-

King's Head

Open 2020+

38 London Road



01795 473982

King's Head 1913

Above postcard, circa 1913, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Kings head 2014

Above photo, 2014.


Certainly located in Chalkwell, but is this Milton Regis or Sittingbourne? I have seen it addressed as both.


From the Kentish Gazette, Saturday, 11 June to Wednesday 15 June, 1768. price 2d


At Michaelmas next.

A Small Farm with Two Aches of HOP GROUNDS, at Shottinthorne, in the Parish of Chilham, late in the Occupation of Stephen Hughes, deceased.

And also to let, The “KING'S ARMS ALEHOUSE” at Milton, near Sittingbourne; with two Brewing Coppers, and other Utensils; one Copper contains about 200 gallons and has a Cock at the Bottom, the other about 70 Gallons.

For particulars enquire of Mr. JAMES TONGE, SITTINGBOURNE.


Kentish Gazette, Friday 3 April 1795.

To be sold by auction, by W. Jordan, on Wednesday the 8th day of April, 1795, at the "King's Head," at Chalkwell, in the parish of Milton next Sittingbourne, Kent, 5 exceedingly good draught horses, fit for carriers for farming businesses, and 3 of them only 6-years off; one strong timber tug complete; gin poles, large timber blocks and and fall to ditto; timber chains, one very strong straight bodied wagon, almost new; a bavin tug with trawls, lathes, 3 carts, one of them a very strong one, almost new; chain harness for five horses; a spring cutter box, shovels, dung spuds, and other articles in in husbandry, &c. &c. The sale to begin at half past 11 o'clock in the forenoon.

N.B. A good dinner at the "King's Head" at 2 o'clock.


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal, 08 February 1811.

We understand the excise office formerly fixed at Milton, is removed to the "King's Head," at Chalkwell.


From the Kentish Gazette, 7 February 1837.


At the "King's Head," Chalkwell, Mr. Redman, aged 69, upwards of 33 years a licensed victualler.


From the, 11 October 2014, by Rachel O'Donoghue.

The King's Head in Sittingbourne under new management.

The King's Head on London Road, Sittingbourne, is set to be transformed as new manager make their mark.

Heidi Dixon 2014

New Kings Head landlady Heidi Dixon with customers.

The new proprietor of the King's Head, Heidi Dixon, has ideas about building its popularity.

The 50-year-old, who is also landlord of the "Star" pub in Ashford, has only been in the industry for two years and, alongside husband Paul, is still learning the tricks of the trade.

She said: “I'm still getting used to bits and pieces because I'm not from Sittingbourne.

“People have made me feel really welcome – all the regulars are as good as gold.”

Heidi, on the advice of her favourite regulars, has also brought back a few pub favourites, including the Saturday night bonus ball, a meat raffle and is planning to buy a wide screen TV to air BT sports.


At one stage according to the What Pub website, the pub was once called "Sweeny Todds" but at present I have seen no reference to this at all, apart from a hair dressers. Local knowledge required please.


From the By Secret Drinker, 27 January 2020.

Secret Drinker at the Kings Head pub, Sittingbourne.

“I’m popping into Sittingbourne for a pint”. This seemed a reasonable statement to me but responses from people who know better were telling.

These ranged from specific warnings to be careful and watch my back to good luck wishes and advice to avoid the most ‘choice’ venues.

Not wishing to prejudge anything I headed towards the town and stopped at one of the first pubs I came across.

Initially I wasn’t sure the King’s Head on the London Road was open, or even operational, as it looked dark and run down, however, I then spied a newish-looking notice: ‘Under new management, come and meet your new hosts’.

I didn’t spot the door at first and wandered round the side but then realised the porch with a white plastic door was the entrance.

Inside it was unlit and quiet which had me questioning again whether it was open but I then heard the unmistakeable sound of a pool ball being potted.

There was an empty side bar but the front room contained a few folk, including a couple with a baby and two guys playing pool, who were the most animated.

King's Head inside 2020

The side bar was empty but well-furnished and housed the fruit machine and dartboard.

I was in the process of ordering a drink when a fellow on a stool demanded to know how the barmaid had been bruised on her arm. She took a long hard look at the injury before telling him she couldn’t remember. Health check concluded, I cast an eye over the usual suspects on tap but it’s clear the only thing drunk in any quantity is Stella.

Not feeling overly comfortable I headed through the open side door into a reasonable sized garden.

There were half a dozen locals sitting on white plastic chairs discussing holidays and the fact you can buy a pack of B&H Gold abroad for 2.90, so I chose a picnic bench a little further away in the sun. This was a terrible decision as sadly this section of the garden was completely infested by mining bees.

Forced back towards the holiday anecdotes I learned the price of cigarettes had encouraged one fellow to crack through more than 200 fags in a single week. But, as the discussion moved on to debate whether dolphins have hair or not I turned my attention to the garden.

Some effort has gone into planting a few colourful flowers and pallets have been lodged in place to hold the fence up.

King's Head garden 2020

Unfortunately the garden was infested with wasps on the day I chose to sit outside.

King's Head garden 2020

The fence is supported by a section of boards and pallets - but the flowers are colourful.

The flowers are quite pretty but it’s only ever going to be window dressing and as the saying goes, it doesn’t matter what you do – no amount of polishing or glittering is going to help here.

Back in the bar pool-playing Fred had shifted across from pints and was well into the shots despite the fact the clock hadn’t yet struck five.

At this point someone screamed: “Looks like your tits have grown” – this seemed to be aimed in my general direction and, to be fair, I have gained a few pounds so I thanked the fellow for his compliment.

There are several signs above the bar encouraging you to book yourself in for a private party in the pub but I can’t believe there is a large take-up. Perhaps the meat raffle, taking place at 3.30pm on a Sunday is more popular?

One sign which doesn’t look as if it’s ever had any attention is the cleaning log on the back of the door to the gents.

I’m sure the urinal must have been cleaned at some point, even if it hadn’t been noted but judging by the aroma it was a long, long time ago.

Hopefully the ultra-clear warning notices about taking drugs in the King’s Head receive more attention.

Outside, beyond the bins in the car park, you will discover Swanny’s quality seafoods in one corner, which looked to be doing better business than the pub and certainly looked more inviting and open.

My advice would be to give the King’s Head a miss and sample Swanny’s crabs instead.


From the By Secret Drinker, 6 April 2020.

Secret Drinker looks back at his 10 worst pubs across Kent.

It’s almost a year since I landed the best job in the world and I’ve been travelling around Kent ever since discovering the very best, and worst, pubs right around the county.

Fortunately the majority of boozers I’ve been lucky enough to visit have been great, but some, sadly, have been found wanting.

I can only ever report exactly what I find at a given moment in time and I realise a fly-on-the-wall review can’t possibly take into account everything going on in a pub. - and many of these pubs may well have improved since my visit.

But, I was tasked with discovering the good, the bad and the ugly – and, in my humble opinion on the day, these are the 10 worst boozers I’ve visited...

2. Just missing out on top spot at No. 2, and runner-up in the Secret Drinker’s list of the worst 10 pubs is The Kings Head, Sittingbourne. Another one where I had to track down the door, at first I thought it had closed down. The cleaning log on the toilet door was spotless and untouched. To make matter worse, the garden, decorated with old pallets, suffered from an infestation of wasps the day I was in. By 5pm the locals, who were previously debating whether dolphins are hairy, all shifted across to shorts in an effort to forget where they were.

It wasn’t easy to locate the door at the Kings Head in Sittingbourne and even then it looked like it might lead to a storeroom.



REDMAN Mr 1804-Feb/37 dec'd

REDMONDS James 1828+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

REDMAN Thomas 1840-58+ (also grocer age 68 in 1861Census)

WHITE William 1862-74+ widower (also grocer & dealer in corn, hay, coal etc & inland revenue office age 39 in 1871Census)

THOMAS William 1881-82+ (also general dealer age 29 in 1881Census)

FARMER Sophia to Nov/1890

DAVIDSON Andrew Nov/1890-95 dec'd (age 56 in 1891Census)

FARMER John 1891+ (Post Office Directory 1891 out of date info?)

GOLDSWAIN Abraham 1901+ (age 38 in 1901Census)

SILLS Cornelius 1903+ Kelly's 1903

SEAGER Henry James 1913+

COLEMAN William Henry 1918-30

DIXON Heidi Oct/2014+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29


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Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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