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Earliest 1992

(Name from)

Mu Mu

July 2021

108-110 Week Street


01622 669800

Mu Mu 2017

Above photo 2017.

Mu Mu 2017

Above photo 2017. Picture by Simon Hildrew.

Mu Mu 2017

Above photo 2017.

Mu Mu 108 High Street 2019

Above photo, showing 108 High Street 2019.


Changed from "Quigley's" in 1992, this is now operating as a restaurant and also incorporates number 108, the building to the right as well as 110, the old "London Hotel" premises. I also believe it is also known as a nightclub during the evenings.


From the By Claire McWethy, 20 February 2017.

Maidstone: MuMu restaurant closed due to suspected norovirus outbreak.

A popular Kent restaurant has shut its doors after dozens of staff and diners reportedly fell ill.

The owner of Mu Mu in Maidstone made the decision to temporarily close down on Saturday after a suspected norovirus outbreak.

The restaurant reported it to Environmental Health, who are now investigating.

On the eatery’s Facebook page there were reports of more than 30 diners suffering from sickness after eating there. Among those said to be poorly were a number of couples who had been there on Valentine’s Day and two pregnant women who had been attending a baby shower the previous weekend.

Some said they had ended up in hospital.

Ciaran O'Quigley 2017

Owner of the Week Street restaurant, Ciaran O’Quigley, told the Kent Messenger that a couple of customers had rung the restaurant last Thursday and Friday to say they were feeling poorly. Claims of potential food poisoning were looked into, and ruled out.

It was only on Saturday evening, when members of staff became ill, that norovirus was suspected, he said.

The highly contagious bug is known to cause sickness and diarrhoea, and is prevalent in the winter months.

Mr O'Quigley said: “Because of this we have decided to close for a couple of days, and have contacted environmental health. We also have a company coming down to sanitise the building, and we hope to be re-open on Wednesday.

“It’s spread through the mouth so we don’t know if a customer or a member of staff had it first, but we need to take this safety precaution.

“We have been running Mu Mu for 25 years and run a highly professional business and of course we are devastated that we have taken this action but believe it is for the good of the community, our customers and staff and hopefully reasonable thinking people will understand this decision."

The restaurant, which is the second highest rated in Maidstone, according to review website TripAdvisor, received four out of five stars during its last food hygiene inspection.

It is not yet known when the results of the Environmental Health investigation will be available.


From the By Claire McWethy, 23 March 2017.

Maidstone: Drunk man sentenced for having knife at Mu Mu.

A young reveller brandished a kitchen knife at a doorman at a popular nightspot before hurling it into the street, a court heard.

John Mashatte pointed the blade at security worker Dwayne Spencer at Mu Mu in Maidstone after he was challenged for being in a restricted area during a night out.

The 22-year-old, who is from Brixton but had been staying in Rochester, had been asked to leave a closed kitchen area.

Andrew Jones, prosecuting, told Maidstone Magistrates’ Court how Mashatte swiped the knife and brandished it as he made his way upstairs to a separate part of the restaurant. There he was confronted by another doorman, Sean Swart.

Mashatte pointed the weapon at Mr Swart and told him to move out of the way, before leaving the venue and throwing the knife to the floor as he walked away.

He was heard to say: “See what happens if you touch me?”

But shortly afterwards he returned to the nightspot, where he was arrested.

It happened at about 3.45am on a Sunday morning last October.

Peter Hamill, defending, said Mashatte had been drinking and was confused as to why he had gone into the kitchen.

Upon being challenged he had panicked, the court heard, and picked up the knife because he thought he was being touched.

Mr Hamill said: “Fortunately no one was hurt and while it would be worrying to see a young man with a knife, his actions were limited to raising it at one point.

“He did the right thing and got rid of it straight away.

“He came back to the restaurant not to cause trouble but to continue his evening, which shows the level of his confusion.”

Mashatte pleaded guilty to affray and having a knife in a public place.

The court heard he had a long record, with 19 previous convictions, including assault and drugs charges, but had never been involved with knife crime before. The case was sent to crown court for sentencing at a date yet to be fixed.

A spokesman for Mu Mu said the incident happened in a closed area, away from any customers.


From the By Guy Bell, 22 February 2019.

Rochester engineer Jarrad Hargreaves banned from Mu Mu Maidstone after breaking man's nose in fight.

An engineer broke a man's nose before hurling racial abuse at another as a nightclub brawl spilled out onto the street.

Jarrad Hargreaves had been celebrating a friend's 23rd birthday at Mu Mu in Week Street, Maidstone, on January 20 when a fight broke out.

The 22-year-old had first been approached by an unknown man who had become aggressive close to the club's toilets.

Jarred Hargreaves 2019

Jarrad Hargreaves admitted ABH and Racially Aggravated Harassment at Maidstone Magistrates' Court.

Hargreaves' girlfriend tried to diffuse the situation and a misunderstanding with a bouncer led to her being dragged away and the situation escalated.

During a hearing at Maidstone Magistrates' Court on Friday, Hargreaves a mechanical engineer from Hoo admitted one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, racially aggravated harassment and assault by beating.

James Nichols, prosecuting the case, said Anthony Clarke tried to stop the fight before he was attacked.

He said: "The evening in question was at Mu Mu in Maidstone and it appears he was involved in a fight.

"The first victim, Mr Clarke, tried to intervene to stop the defendant. He was then punched himself and knocked to the ground.

"Mr Clarke threw punches in self-defence. The two were separated by customers in the club.

"Mr Hargreaves was ejected from the club and again attacked Mr Clarke.

"Another member of the public, Duane Spencer, came to Mr Clarke’s aid and restrained Mr Hargreaves on the floor.

Mu Mu 2019

The fight happened outside Mu Mu nightclub.

"He made an abusive remark to Mr Spencer. Mr Clarke was left with a broken nose as a result of the assault."

There had been a moment of confusion when a bouncer thought Hargreaves' girlfriend was causing trouble but the bouncer later apologised.

Hargreaves had suggested the unknown victim of the assault charge had also been causing trouble and magistrates were told he was also injured during the incident.

Chairman of the bench Adrian Atmore told Hargreaves he was close to being sent to prison but was instead handed a 18-month community order.

He was also banned from Mu Mu nightclub for 18 months.

Mr Atmore said: "This behaviour is totally unacceptable. People in that nightclub were there for a nice evening and you were there punching away.

"We also heard you deflect responsibility. You can tell by the length of time we have been discussing your behaviour and the effect going to prison would have on you.

"I’ve got to look you in the eye and tell you you have come extremely close to going to prison.

"This has been your lucky day."

Hargreaves, of Linton Dann Close, will have to carry out 300 hours of unpaid work and 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

He was ordered to pay 85 costs and a victim surcharge of 85.

The court also told him he would have to pay Mr Clarke 1,000 in compensation and 500 to Mr Spencer.


From the By Guy Bell, 12 September 2019.

Mu Mu owner Ciaran O'Quigley rubbishes claims new speakeasy launderette is a prohibition bar.

A bar owner has launched a laundrette in the style of a 1920s speakeasy club at his nightspot in Maidstone.

Ciaran O'Quigley is the man behind the freshest Kent venue for washing your dirty clothes on the grounds of Mu Mu, a bar in Maidstone.

But the professional actor and owner revealed he has been inundated with questions about rumours that alcoholic drinks will be served in a secret location.

Mr O'Quigleysaid: "I have always been looking for a launderette with a difference.

"The launderettes I have seen are very boring. Nobody talks to each other and they are plain and ordinary.

"I thought we needed to do a spectacular one. I wanted to design my own washing machines, better than that I wanted to get interactive ones.

"I wanted washing machines to talk to people."

Mu Mu laundrette 2019

Ciaran O' Quigley, Owner of Mu Mu teases us at the entrance of a new launderette.

Light Creative, the company behind digital sequences for the Baftas and XFactor, helped Mu Mu with its audiovisual experience in the launderette.

As we asked the questions about his new laundromat, we heard music from behind closed doors and probed a little deeper.

Two washing machines adorn the left-hand side wall of the bar area with a mysterious keypad in the top corner.

The secrecy piqued our interest but Mr O'Quigley has taken an unusual approach to promotion and has decided toremain very tight-lipped over whether any drinks will be served there.

He said: "I have continuously been asked if I have Marion Bake in from the Gibson bar in London to design spectacular alcoholic beverages and cocktails and 18th century punch all in a luxurious setting.

"I find that offensive that they would ask and I totally deny it."

Mu Mu laundrette entrance 2019

Ciaran O' Quigley, Owner of Mu Mu teases us at the entrance of a new launderette.

Mr O'Quigley's daughter has even received phone calls from speculative customers looking for a prohibition bar and her approach is to tell people she does not know what they are talking about.

As the family gear up for their first Very Important Pre-Wash next Wednesday, Mr O'Quigley did reveal visitors can look forward to alcohol-flavoured popcorn during each one-and-a-half hour spin and dry.

He said: "The reason we want to call it a speakeasy launderette is because of the way we designed it. We wanted the washing machines to be interactive.

If people don't have any dirty laundry then we can provide it to them for if they want to have a chat.

"In the launderette people are provided with the most amazing popcorn which is marinated in rum or even mojito flavour."

Next Thursday sees the official opening to the public of Mu Mu's launderette and bookings are available at

Opening hours are from 5pm until midnight on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Saturday the launderette is open from 12pm to midnight.

It is then available on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for private hire.


From the By Mary Graham, 14 July 2021.

Fire at Mu Mu in Week Street, Maidstone.

A major fire broke out at a town centre club in the early hours of the morning.

The blaze erupted at Mu Mu in Week Street in Maidstone at around 2.30am and fire fighters spent hours battling it.

Fifteen fire engines were sent to the scene, as well as a height vehicle and a command support unit.

At it's height, it's estimated around 60 firefighters were in attendance and members of the public were warned to avoid the area.

At 11.30am, the fire service said the blaze was under control. The number of fire trucks has been reduced throughout the day and as of 7.40pm this evening crews have declared an end to firefighting work and left the area.

Meanwhile, drone photos have revealed the devastating impact of the fire on the building.

And a residents and business helpline has been set up by Kent County Council (KCC) for anyone affected by the fire.

Mu Mu fire 2021

Fire takes hold in Mu Mu bar in Maidstone. Picture: Steve Gibbs.

Mu Mu fire 2021

The fire takes hold. Picture: Nikki Waterman.

Dave Harris, firefighter and incident commander said a drone had been used to check the fire wasn't spreading to neighbouring properties.

Our reporter at the scene earlier this morning, said: "It looks like a severe fire.

"Week Street is closed off from around where Maidstone East is. The other part of cordon is at top of St Faiths Street.

"Two jets of water are fighting the fire, one directly at the bar from week street but a jet is being directed from Brewer Street to the back of the bar/nightclub."

Nikki Waterman, of nearby Brenchley House in Maidstone High Street, said she first became aware of the fire at Mu Mu shortly after it started.

Mu Mu fire 2021

Firefighters tackling the blaze at Mu Mu in Maidstone. Picture: Bethan Maisie Caffyn (49203359)

She said: "It was kind of a little fire in what looked like the back garden and then, literally, from zero to 10, within seconds, it just erupted onto the roof."

Jamie Webster also from Brenchley House said he was one of the first to call the emergency services after seeing the fire when he went out for a cigarette.

The 26-year-old said: "I heard the fire alarm going off but at first I thought it was just the burglar alarm.

"Then two people went running in and the amount of smoke that came out was colossal.

"When they ran in, I went straight after them without thinking because the last thing we needed would be for them to go unconscious from the smoke.

"When we were all out I rang the fire brigade at 2.36am."

Kim Howard who owns Trash or Treasure in Maidstone, which is directly next to MuMu’s says it is lucky nobody was hurt and she has been forced to close today. She added it doesn’t look like there’s been any damage to her shop.

She said: “Everyone is safe but the building does adjoin ours and we will not be allowed in to access any damage until the fire brigade tell us.

“We think we escaped the fire but have to check for any heat or water or smoke damage. We won’t be open today and I have to wait to find out if there’s been any damage.”

Pickard & Beale funeral directors is just outside the fire cordon in Brewer Street but is looking for somewhere else to work today.

An employee from the business said: “We can see all the firefighters working on the roof from our office.

We’re lucky we’re just outside the cordon so can carry on working, but we’re seeing if can carry on here today. It’s absolutely terrible and there’s been fire engines here all morning.”

Carla Archenoul, sales assistant at Pets Corner opposite MuMu, said: “We’re the only shop open in the cordon because we have a back entrance. Nobody can come in through the front but luckily we have a back door.

"We found out at about 8.30am what had happened and about the fire and it’s be so chaotic since then."

Mu Mu lies in East ward, represented by Cllr David Naghi.

Cllr Naghi said: "It's probably our best night club and restaurant and it's very sad it won't be there for when we get back to normal next week. People are saying on Facebook they had got there hen parties booked there for next and asking what they are going to do."

There has been a large outpouring of sympathy and support for Mu Mu owner of 29 years, Ciaran O'Quigley and his family.

Abba Tribute band, Abba Chique, said on their Facebook page: "ABBA Chique have been regularly performing here for the last six years, and are gutted to hear this sad news.

"This is especially awful considering the industry has suffered terribly during the last 15 months, and Mu Mu were finally due to reopen fully next week.

"Our thoughts are with Ciaran and his family, Chris AKA Madam Mu Mu and all the staff there."

Apollo Taxis, based in the town, said: "We have been as shocked as everybody else by the images this morning.

"After the terrible couple of years this industry has faced to have been hit by a fire like this just days before restrictions are lifted is just awful and truly beyond words.

"The O'Quigley family have supported us for the last 10 years at least and helped us to grow. They are genuine, hard working, generous and an asset to Maidstone."

The fire will have come as a huge blow for Mr O'Quigley, who last month spoke to KentOnline about the impact of the pandemic - and customers failing to turn up for bookings.

He said: "I'm just outraged really, that customers just think they book and not turn up, which has a massive knock-on effect.

"We have waiting lists because we're so busy, but we can't get those people in on the waiting list because of the original people who booked, we honour their booking, and they just don't show up."

Speaking at the scene of the fire, Davis Harris, area manager and incident commander said: "The fire was well developed on arrival. We requested our drone which provided an overview of the incident to ensure it wasn't spreading to neighbouring properties and used thermal imaging on that to help direct our fire fighting operations.

"We are now at the stage where we are reducing the number of fire appliances here, we are looking to damp down, to put out the hot spots and working with businesses to get them reading to open as soon as possible."

A fire service spokesman, giving an updated statement at 11.30am said: "Eight fire engines and a height vehicle remain at the scene of a fire in a nightclub and restaurant in Week Street, Maidstone.

"The fire is now under control, and previous advice for people living and working nearby to close windows and doors due to smoke, has been lifted.

"Members of the public are still being asked to avoid the area where possible."

In a further update issued at 7.40pm, it was declared all firefighting work had ceased.

"Crews have now left the area and an investigation to determine the cause of the incident is ongoing," it said.

"No casualties have been reported. Our thoughts are with the owner of the business at this difficult time."

Among the shops and restaurants not able to be reached this morning, because of the police cordon, are Tesco Express, German Doner kebab, Sunshine Tanning studio, McDonald's, Starburger, Adams Barbers, Grill 91, KFC, and Society Rooms.

At around 8.10am, the fire service said 12 fire engines and a height vehicle were on the scene.

Mu Mu fire 2021

Firefighters tackling the blaze at Mu Mu from above. Picture: Petra Kovacsova.

A spokesman for Kent Police said: "Kent Police was called at 2.53am to a report of a fire at a commercial address in Week Street, Maidstone.

"Officers remain in attendance to assist Kent Fire and Rescue Service at the scene and also manage road closures. There are no reported injuries."

Those who need assistance has been advised to ring the KCC hotline on 0300 041 2424 for further information.




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