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Earliest 1832-

Rose Inn

Demolished 2009

1 Farleigh Hill


Rose Inn 1908

Above postcard, post-marked November 1908, kindly sent by David Cox.

Rose Inn

Above photo, date unknown.

Rose 1995

Above photo 1 May 1995, kindly taken by Michael T Croxford.

Rose Inn demolition 2010

Above photo showing the demolition of the pub, circa 2010.

Rose sign 1995

Above sign, June 1995.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Rose Inn location 2009

Above Google image, May 2009.

Rose Inn location 2019

Above Google image, May 2019.


The "Rose Inn" on the Farleigh Hill was the terminus for the Maidstone and Tovil tram service.


Tram Terminus 1908

Above postcard, circa 1908, kindly sent by David Cox., who says:- Although this postcard is not written on the Critch National Tramway Museum I believe the photograph was taken between 1907 and 1910. They say a tram was first used on this route in October 1907 but in 1910 the tram company started using a single-decker on the Tovil route as it did not attract enough passengers to justify a double-decker.


South Eastern Gazette 22 October 1839.


Oct. 15, Mary, wife of Mr. Richard Hards, "Rose Inn," Tovil, aged 28 years, much beloved by all who knew her.


South Eastern Gazette 23 June 1840.


To be heard at Maidstone, in the county of Kent, on the 14th day of July, 1840, at the hour of ten in the forenoon precisely.

Richard Hards, late of the "Rose Inn," in the parish of East Farleigh, in the county of Kent, licensed victualler.


Kentish Mercury 12 January 1850.


On Saturday morning week, at about one o'clock, Mr. Richard Fleet, landlord of the "Rose Inn," Tovil, was returning from Farleigh, when he met three men, near Farleigh Priory, whom he was about to wish good night, when one of them seized him by the collar, tripped him up, and fell upon him. The others were about to assist in robbing him, when Mr. Fleet calling his dog, the faithful animal rushed upon them, and quickly put them to flight. The other villain finding this, attempted to follow them, but for some time unable to escape Mr. Fleet's grasp, who in turn became the assailant. Owing, however, to the latter being somewhat disabled by a recent injury to his knee, he was unable to hold his prisoner, who escaped.


Fred Beckett died with a pint in his hand at the pub. It was the 1950s and Fred, in his mid 50s, worked as a hop picker in nearby Dean Street.

It was a "happy way to go for him" remarks relative Sue Black, now living in Boughton Monchelsea, as she reveals how following his untimely end regular Fred was laid out in the Farleigh Hill pub's garden.

Sue's family were well-known around Tovil but few knew Fred's dad as George - that's because he was known almost universally as Monkey Beckett.

According to local legend - which is backed up by almost everyone Sue has asked - he earned the nickname due to his pet monkey which would sit on top of his barrel organ outside the pub.

"He was a poacher and he used to sell rabbits around Tovil," adds Sue who has her own fond memories of the pub.

"My mum used to go there on a Saturday night and sing. She'd put me on the table to sing along with her and tap dance."

The pub finally closed in 2000 and was demolished around 2009.



RAYFIELD John 1832+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

HARDS Richard 1839-40+ South Eastern Gazette

FLEET Richard 1850-51+ (age 38 in 1851Census)

FARINGDON Mrs Caroline 1855+

TOPP John 1861+ (age 40 in 1861Census)

HOLLIDAY Francis 1891+ (age 30 in 1891Census)

HODGES William 1882+

BURLEY Rebecca A E 1903+ Kelly's 1903

Last pub licensee had WALTERS Robert 1990s Next pub licensee had


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Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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