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Earliest 1854-

Royal Oak

Latest ????

71 (59) Princes Road

Plumstead Common

Royal Oak 1919

Above photo, 1919.

The people in the shot are as follows (left to right): Some unknown herbert; my Great Uncle Alf, who was born in 1900 or so. He lived in Oval and passed away in the early 1960s as far as I know; next is licensee William James Whitlock, his father; the scary looking lady is Great Grandma; then it's my Great Aunt Anne, who lived well into her 90s; then Great Aunt Mill (died in the late 1960s); an unknown woman; and William James junior (1905-88), my dad's dad, and universally known as "Pop".

Above information kindly supplied by Kevin Whitlock.


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From an email received 7 September 2019.

William James "WJ" Whitlock (1860 - 1940) ran two pubs in London - one in Plumstead and the other in Shoreditch/Hoxton.

Both are gone now which is a pity - the old family tale is that William sold up sometime in the late '20s/early '30s and both pubs were bombed in the War. WJ must have done OK, as he left 4,000 (a considerable sum back then) in his will when he died in 1940.

Princes Road is now called Herbert Place and is part of the Barnfield Gardens estate just off of Plumstead Commom Road, SE18.

Note the window ad for Dunville's Whisky ("VR" - presumably Victoria Regina!). Dunville's is no longer made but was distilled in Belfast from 1870. "Martell Brandy" and "Dewar's" over the doors are of course familiar to everyone.

The other pub James William Whitlock owned was also called the "Royal Oak," and was at 72, Pitfield Street N1. Records show he acquired that pub in 1899.

Kevin Whitlock.



DAY Edward Sept/1854-71+ (age 62 in 1871Census) West Kent Guardian

SEWELL Henry 1874+

SEWELL Harriett 1881-82+ (widow age 62 in 1881Census)

RIVERS Samuel to Aug/1883 Kentish Independent

SEWELL Harriett (former tenant) Aug/1883+ Kentish Independent

FLUDGER Alfred 1891-96+ (age 38 in 1891Census)

PRATT Edmund George 1901+ (age 41 in 1901Census)

ALLEN Charles 1904+

BARNES Frederick 1908+

TERRETT Thomas William 1911-13+

WHITLOCK William James 1919+

ELLIS William Thomas 1934-44+



West Kent GuardianWest Kent Guardian

Kentish IndependentKentish Independent


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