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Earliest 1570

July 2014 (Name from)

Three Tuns

Latest 1865+

(Name to)

2016- (Name to)

44 High Street



Traced back to 1570 as the "Three Tuns" and lasted under that name till 1719 when it changed briefly to be called the "Three Tuns and Oars." I am assuming the oars went missing shortly after or where too much of a mouthful, and the "Three Tuns" lasted till 1865. In 1871 the premises was being called the "Chase" and remained under this name till 2008 when it changed again to the "Market Tavern". Only shortly lived under this name till 2010 it became the "Coco Lounge" in 2011.

Latest news from John Hopperton tells me that the "Three Tuns" pub in Gravesend High Street after changing name on numerous occasions has done a full circle and re-opened as the Three Tuns" on Friday 4th July 2014.


Three Tuns 2014

Above photo July 2014 kindly sent by John Hopperton.

Three Tuns sign 2014

Above sign 2014.


The second incarnation of the "Three Tuns" didn't seem to operate for ling under that name. Ian Goodrick tells me in April 2016 that it is now operating as a wind bar called the "Prosecco."


Southeastern Gazette, 10 May 1853.

Friday. Before J. Saddingion, Esq., Mayor, R, Oakes, C. Spencer, and E. Tickner, Esqrs.)

John Moore, of the "Three Tuns," was complained against in a similar way, (for keeping his house open on Sunday morning) when he denied serving anything, but admitted having some people (sawyers) in the house. White saw nothing served and nothing before them.

Fined 7s. s and costs.


Kentish Independent, Saturday 14 May 1853.

John Moore, landlord of the "Three Tuns" was similarly summoned, for having his house open for the sale of liquor on Sunday morning.

Police Constable white stated he saw a woman come out of the defendant's house, with a jar in her hand, he went into the house and there saw three men, there was a pint pot and a quartern measure on the table, they were men belonging to the town.

The Bench inflicted the following penalty, Mr. More 7s. and costs 7s. 6d.

The Bench in reply to a question from one of the publicans present said that they did not consider persons coming from London on pleasure by the steamboat's were "travellers," such as a law contemplated in the exceptions.



BOND Reuben 1824+

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MOORE John 1853+

MOORE Frances Mrs 1865+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

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