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Earliest 1865-

Walmer Castle

Latest ????

34 Villas Road



Project 2014 has been started to try and identify all the pubs that are and have ever been open in Kent. I have just Started to map out the pubs that exist or existed in Plumstead, but need local knowledge and photographs, old and current if you have any.

As the information is found or sent to me, including photographs, it will be shown here.

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Kentish Independent, 09 September 1865.


On Tuesday last an inquest was held at the "Walmer Castle," Plumstead, on the body of a woman named Mary Ann Robins, who died on the previous Saturday, under circumstances which left no doubt that she destroyed her own life. The following evidence was taken:-

William Thomas Anders, captain of a coasting vessel, residing at 30, Ann Street, Plumstead, said deceased was 48 years of age. He had known her for two years, and for the last ten months she had been living with him. She was a married woman, but he did not know whether her husband was alive or not. On Thursday morning, at half-past 5, he left her at home, and went with his vessel to Sheerness and Chatham, returning on Saturday night about five minutes before she died.

Catherine Pickerine said she was the wife of a labourer in the Arsenal, and lived next door to Mr. Anders. Last Saturday morning, about ten minutes to 9, Mrs. Anders (deceased) called her over the and she saw that she was very drunk.

At her request witness pulled down one of the palings and let deceased into her house, but as she seemed very bad indeed, advised her to go back into her own house and lie down. She said she would do so, but said to witness "You shall never see me again." Witness thought she was so intoxicated that she did not know what she was saying. Deceased went in at the back door, which she closed and bolted. At about 11 o'clock deceased's daughter called and knocked at the door, but witness told her that her mother was probably in a sound sleep, and she said she would not disturb her. Witness heard nothing of her during the day, and just before six o'clock she knocked at her door. But heard no reply except the barking of deceased‘s dog. Witness's husband then got in at a window and admitted her, and almost the first objects she saw were two small bottles labelled "Laudanum—Poison." Witness expressed a belief that she had committed suicide, and on going into a bedroom, found her lying on the bed on her back, with the dog upon her chest. She was black in the face, foaming at the mouth, and gasping for breath. Witness sent for the doctor, and everything was done to save life, but deceased expired at half-past 11 at night. She was alone in the house all day.

William Edwin Stevens, assistant to Dr. Wise, said he was called at 7 o’clock, and found deceased quite insensible and suffering from the effects of some narcotic poison. The stomach pump, emetics and every possible remedy were used by Dr. Wise, but deceased never rallied.

Sergeant Featherstone, the coroner's officer, said he had ascertained that deceased bought two penny-worth of laudanum at 8 o’clock the same morning - one pennyworth at the shop of Mr. Fairbank, chemist, Powis Street, and the other at the shop of Mr. Stuart, close by.

The jury returned a verdict that deceased committed suicide while in a state of unconsciousness through intoxication.


Kentish Mercury, Saturday 15 March 1879.

Blackheath Petty Sessions.

An application was made for the transfer of the "Walmer Castle" from the executrix of the late Horatio Nelson to John Hannock. (sic.) No agreement was produced, and the Chairman said the Bench intended to enforce the new rule where no agreement was forthcoming and refuse the transfer, which was accordingly refused. In another case the bent refuse to transfer until the parties have got the agreement stamped.



CAVE James 1862+

BURTWELL William 1866+

MELLS John 1874+

NELSON Horatio to Mar/1879 dec'd Kentish Mercury

HANCOCK John 1881-96+ (age 27 in 1881Census)

HANCOCK Margaret Mrs 1901-08+

REGAN Cornelius 1911+ (age 44 in 1911Census)

LESLIE John 1919+

TILYARD Ernest E 1938+

SELVES W 1944+



Kentish MercuryKentish Mercury


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