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From Wednesday 9 October, 2013 by Joshua Fowler.

Man suffers fractured skull after Dartford pub fight

A man was left with a fractured skull after an assault at a Dartford pub in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Detectives are investigating the incident at The Clipper, in Dartford High Street, which happened between 1am and 1.15am.

The victim, in his 20s, is reported to have been dancing in the pub when he became involved in a fight with another man.

He was then punched in the face and knocked to the ground before his attacker left the pub.

The suspect is described as around 5'11” tall, with a medium build and short dark hair. He was clean shaven and wearing a blue and white striped jumper.

He was with another man, described as being very large and wearing a grey polo shirt.

The victim remains in hospital.

Det Ch Kerry Thompson, of Kent Police, said: “This was a nasty and apparently unprovoked assault that has left a young man with serious injuries.

“We are trying to build up a complete picture of the circumstances leading to the incident and I urge anybody in the pub or who saw the suspect leaving to get in touch.”


From the, 09 September 2014, by Thom Morris.

Review of Dartford pub The Clipper after fights, glassing and beatings.

Clipper 2014

Police have asked for a review into the way a pub is being run after 12 punch-ups in five months.

According to police, people have been punched, kicked, head butted and glassed at The Clipper pub in Dartford.

In one incident, a fight involved 30 people doing battle with bottles, belts and chains as weapons.

The High Street pub, formerly the "Tollgate," will go before a licensing committee at Dartford council on Monday, September 22.

The report before councillors states: “The Clipper has been either the location for or a contributing factor in 12 incidents within the last five months.

"These incidents have created 16 police crime reports for investigation.”

These were four reports of grievous bodily harm, seven actual bodily harm, two assaults on police officers, one affray, one assault and one criminal damage.

The application, by PC Christopher Hill states: “Kent Police Licensing and Dartford council have been working closely with The Clipper management and door team over these last five months in an attempt to resolve the ongoing issues.

“Keith Frenchum from Dartford council reports that he has had cause to attend The Clipper on 12 occasions between January 10 and July 16 and issued three formal letters.

“Kent Police Licensing have held meetings with the Designated Premises Supervisor David Smith and the door team employed, Team Nok, on five occasions.”

The last meeting was in July with licence holder Mehdi Afshar, David Smith and Team Nok, although the new Designated Premises Supervisor is Anthony Love.

“It is now felt by Kent Police Licensing that staff at The Clipper are unable to sufficiently manage the premises in a safe manner without incidents of crime and disorder occurring.”

Discussions were mainly around an assault on June 22 where a Russian man had been going around the pub offering people high fives.

He approached a group in the garden to offer them a high five and the victim was punched in the face.

Door staff intervened and escorted the offender away but it transpired this was the wrong man.

Meanwhile, the victim was being punched and kicked inside the pub by the actual offenders.

He was kicked in the head causing “deep cuts”. One of the victim’s friends was also punched. The offenders were never found.

At the meeting it was agreed that door staff would be increased from three to four but two further incidents occurred after the meeting.

On July 12 there was a fight involving about 30 people outside the pub. A man had been kicked out after he was seen being sick.

He then got involved with a group of people in the street and then others ran out of The Clipper and got involved.

Bottles, belts and chains were used as weapons. Door staff attempted to intervene but the fight was too big.

One man was found to have suffered injuries from being glassed.

Then on July 16, a man made a comment about another customer in the pub being ‘weird’.

The other man punched him in the face, knocking him unconscious. It turned out the offender had been banned from the pub for threatening behaviour but staff at the venue were too scared to refuse him service.

Staff were also “reluctant to name the offender to police”.

In one incident, a fight involved 30 people doing battle with bottles, belts and chains as weapons

The report concludes: “The premises licence holder made it abundantly clear during the meeting that he would not make any changes voluntarily to his premises licence in order to curb the violent trend that was occurring at the premises.

“It is now felt by Kent Police Licensing that staff at The Clipper are unable to sufficiently manage the premises in a safe manner without incidents of crime and disorder occurring.”

Police are asking Dartford council for a number of changes, including reducing the opening times to midnight on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays rather than 2am; improved CCTV that is kept for 31 days; to suspend the licence for a month; and ensure there are four door supervisors.

The Licensing Sub-Committee meeting takes place on Monday, September 22 at 7pm.

What was reported?

Saturday, February 8: Female victim punched twice to face after rejecting advances of male inside the pub.

Sunday, February 9: Disturbance on the dance floor between two groups of men. An hour later two victims approached and punched repeatedly to the head. One man suffered fracture eye socket which required metal plate.

Monday, February 17: Two females began to fight. Police arrested both involved but were pinched and head butted.

Sunday, March 2: Man alleged he was assaulted by door staff. CCTV shows door staff taking man down an alleyway but view was out of sight for CCTV. No charges against anyone involved.

Sunday, March 2: Partners argued and it escalated when a man punched a woman in the chest. He was ejected and later charged with assault.

Saturday, March 8: Man was sick inside pub. Abusive to door staff and grabbed one of them. The offender was cautioned. On viewing CCTV, door staff were seen grabbing the man by the throat and punching him.
Saturday, March 8: Man punched in the face “for no apparent reason”.
Saturday, March 22: Two men kicked out after altercation. They returned later and kicked doors and smashed a window. Charged with criminal damage.
Saturday, April 19: Bar staff became involved in argument with customers. Drink was thrown over member of staff who then threw glass at the group. One customer received “large cut that required stitches”. Member of staff charged with assault.
Sunday, June 22: Russian man offering high fives. Punched and kicked. Offenders never identified or found.
Saturday, July 12: Large fight between 30 people outside the pub.
Wednesday, July 16: Man punched in the face and knocked unconscious.


From the By Chris Murphy, 12 October 2019.

Two hurt as car driven into crowd after Dartford pub fight.

Two people were hurt in Dartford when a motorist allegedly deliberately drove into a group of people outside a pub following a fight.

It follows an altercation at a pub in Dartford where it was reported a car was driven at pedestrians.

Officers were called to The Clipper pub in High Street, Dartford at about 11.30pm on Friday October 11 following reports that two men were involved in a fight inside the pub.

It was decided that both men should leave the premises and they were both ejected from the pub.

Police said it is then reported that one of the men got into a car, believed to be a Ford Fiesta, and drove into a group of pedestrians and then a parked car.

That driver apparently then left the scene before officers arrived.

Officers said two people were injured during the incident and were taken to a local hospital. One person has since been discharged and the other is being treated for a fractured shoulder.

Detective Sergeant Gary Seamark said: "We continue to make enquiries into this incident and would like to thank the witnesses that have so far spoken to officers.

"Work is underway to identify the offenders but we would like to hear from anyone who hasn't yet come forward who may have seen the altercation in the pub or the incident afterwards."

Anyone with information should call Kent Police on 01474 366149 quoting reference 11-1930.


From the By Alan Smith, 15 October 2019.

Man wanted in connection with car attack outside The Clipper.

Police would like to interview this man in relation to a report of a car being driven at a group of pedestrians.

The incident happened outside The Clipper pub in Dartford High Street on Friday, October 11.

Bradley Knapp 2019

Wanted: Bradley Knapp.

Police have released an image of Bradley Knapp to help with the search.

If you know where Knapp is, please call 101, quoting reference 46/196436/19.

Alternatively call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or complete the online form at




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