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Command House

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Gun Quay


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Command House 1978

Above photo date 1978, from by Ben Levick.

Photo taken date unknown from by John Law.

Command House sign 1995Command House sign 1995

Above signs, June 1995.

Thanks from Brian Curtis

Command House sign 1978Command House sign 1978

Above signs 1978.


Command House, formerly known as Storekeeper’s House, now a public house. Originally occupied by the Deputy Armament Supply Officer. Built in the eighteenth century and altered in the late twentieth century. It is the only surviving part of the Chatham Ordnance Yard (DoNH 1996,12).


From the By VICTORIA BELL. 4 July 2018.

Penalty punch-up! Huge brawl breaks out between England fans at pub that charged 50 a table after Three Lions beat Colombia.

Mass brawl breaks out between football fans during last night's match at pub Command House in Chatham, Kent 'got greedy' by selling tables at 50.

A shocking 20-person brawl broke out during the England game last night at a Kent pub that charged punters 50 a table.

The scenes show female football fans joining in on the scuffle as a group of men wearing Three Lions T-shirts lay into each other during the England versus Colombia match.

One woman is seen repeatedly punching a man as he attacks another man who's cowering on the ground.

A fan screams 'Go on girl!' as the woman, who is wearing a clingy orange dress launches herself at the fracas.

The ugly scenes were filmed at the Command House in Chatham, Kent, which had earlier in the week been criticised for charging fans 50 a table.

Beer cans and alcohol can be seen flying in the two-minute clip before two security guards and staff try to calm the situation.

At one point at least 20 people were involved as the fight spiralled out of control in the pub's large garden.

A second blonde woman then becomes involved as rival groups push and shove each other.

The horrifying finale to England's win on penalties drew widespread condemnation from Facebook users who said it showed the very worst side of football.

Linda Feheley said: 'Should be a spirit of togetherness for the England team not beating the s*** out of your fellow supporters.'

Sharon Knight simply said: 'And people wonder why Medway has a bad name.'

Georgina Hawes said: 'The pub got greedy by selling tables and not enough security but they are all adults and should behave like it - absolutely shameful.'

Marylyn Ducasse-Hunter added: 'What a load of morons, they should all be celebrating together that we won.' She then added: 'Makes you feel ashamed, doesn't it?'

Earlier in the week, Kent Online reported that tickets for tables at the popular pub, showing each game on big screens in their gardens, had sold out sparking many to criticize the establishment for not providing adequate security.

Wayne Wilkinson added: 'Command House needs to be held accountable for it as I didn't see many security guards to police it.

'Would have thought at 50 a table they would have thought it through.

'It is Chatham after all.'

Mail Online has contacted Kent police for comment.




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