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Earliest 1864-

Old Ash Tree

Open 2019+

139 Chatham Hill / 136 Rainham Road


01634 850766

Old Ash Tree 2013

Above photo 2013.

Old Ash Tree 2016

Above photo 2016.


The Licensing Records of 1872 stated the premises held a Beer License only.

The former "Old Ash Tree" in Chatham has been abbreviated to Oats, circa 1987, a name by which the locals have known it for some years.

Today (2016) the premises is operating as one of the Flaming Grill chain of pubs.


The Stage, Thursday 11 November 1976.

Kentish is where the hops really come from. That fact alone makes the County pubs Country! And pubs are big business on the showbiz front today. You can forget the idea that down here that all the pubs are oak-beamed and full of yokels moving at a snail's pace.

Entertainment is IN at the INNS take my word. No, don't take my word just listen to the people I've been talking to in an in-depth round up.


The "Old Ash Tree." Bang on the A2 (the old Roman Road) is enjoying tremendous success most nights and can offer patrons a varied programme including country and western artists, full-scale banjos, groups and the like.

Last week it was the centre for Truman's search for a band talent show, with successful entrants going on to the Lyceum.

One of the winning outfits was a Johnny Carroll Showband which has played the "Old Ash Tree" often and with great success.

Johnny told me. "Pubs are full of atmosphere, - the sort of atmosphere you once got in the theatre. We're back where it all began, let's face it."


I think I will - and pop out for a ginger ale.

Jimmy Hodge Jnr.



WEBB John 1871+ (age 25 in 1871Census)

DRIVER Henry 1872+ Licensing Records 1872

WICKHAM John 1881+ (also agricultural Labourer age 45 in 1881Census)

OBEE Thomas F 1891+ (age 36 in 1891Census)

PILCHER Frederick R 1938+


Licensing Records 1872Licensing Records 1872



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