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Robin Hood

Open 2020+

Sandhurst Road

Royal Tunbridge Wells

01892 547878

Robin Hood 2014 Robin Hood 2014 Robin Hood 2014 Robin Hood sign 2014

Above photos by Paul Skelton 11 April 2011.

Robin Hood matchbox

Above matchbox, circa 1980s, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.


Now operating as a Hungry Horse pub, 2014.


Written by: Edward James Gilbert-Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. January 21, 2015.


In 1912 a two storey red brick home was constructed on Sandhurst Road, on what is today the north west corner of Birken Road and Sandhurst Road. At the time the house was built, and occupied by Arthur Wilkinson, a mining engineer, Birken Road did not exist. Birken Road, named after the house ‘Birken' was constructed in 1957 and ran north off Sandhurst Road for some distance and in that year, and afterwards, a number of homes were constructed along it. The road ran along the east property line of the grounds upon which ‘Birken' had been built. Before 1957 Birken was listed in directories as being on Sandhust Road but after that time it took on the address of No. 1 Birken Road.

Birken was occupied in the period of 1918 to 1922 by Miss Maxwell, who's full name was Matilda Elizabeth Maxwell, a spinster, and daughter of the successful printer and stationer family of Henry Maxwell of Blackpool, Lancashire, who founded the business of Maxwell and Company. For a time her spinster sister, Mary Wilkinson Maxwell, lived with her. Matilda died in 1932 while a resident of Oakdene in Langton Green, and her sister Mary died 1940 at 1 Linden Gardens, Tunbridge Wells. The Maxwell family were well-to-do and neither of the Maxwell sisters had to work for a living.

After the Maxwells left Birken it became the home of Miss Anna Delcomyn (1859-1935), an independently wealthy spinster, and daughter of Ernest Adolph Joseph Delcomyn (1828-1913) who's family were from Denmark. Her father was a successful corn merchant and Honorary Consul General in H.M. Service to Denmark. Anna died at Birken in 1935.

After WW II the home was divided into two units and became the residence of the families of Henry Edwards and Alvin Pryor and in the period of 1952 to 1956 by both families of Alvin Pryor and Raymond H. de G. Matley. In the late 1950's and up to about 1969 it was occupied by F. T. W. Payne and George A. Figgett and their families.

In 1971 the property was sold and the home converted into a pub called the "Robin Hood," a name derived from Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest fame, and the connection the site has to the Sherwood Estate. As noted in the files of the Planning Authority, the old house was altered and added on to at the time of its purchase and in subsequent years but today the eastern end of the old house can still be seen. The pub has changed owners over the years and has been run by various licenced victuallers. In 1997 for example it was owned by Whitbread Medway Inns, but in 2007 was owned by Enterprise Inc PLC. In 1997 Planning Authority approval was given for various alterations and refurbishments of the pub. In 2007 a major project was undertaken involving a complete overhall and enlargement of the premises which resulted in a predominantly 3 storey structure on an overall site of 2,987 square meters.

In September 2012 the pub closed and was boarded up and then Green King, a major brewery and pub company purchased the premises from Enterprise PLC for 800,000. On January 20, 2013 the pub reopened as the "Robin Hood" Hungry Horse.

Those who patronised the pub described it as a rough place but since the time of refurbishment and the change in ownership and management it has become a very pleasant place for family dining and drinking, with a full program of entertainment and events, and even includes a children's menu and an outdoors enclosed children's play area. Today and for several years previously the pub manager has been Dave Gardner, a former army sergeant. This article traces the history of Birken from the time of its construction up to 2014.


Kent & Sussex Courier - Friday 18 September 1970.

Publican is Tories' choice.

Anthony John Warner 1970

Tory candidate in Tunbridge Wells Council's East Ward by-election on October 1 is 37 year old Mr. Anthony John Warner, licensee of the "Robin Hood" public house in Sandhurst Road.

London-born Mr. Warner moved to the town six and a half years ago from a pub called the "City of Quebec," in Marble Arch. Before that, he was a flight steward with BOAC for 6 years.

"I enjoyed it tremendously, and travelled all over the world, but it wasn't really the best sort of job for a young married man, so I decided to go into the licensed trade," he said.

"It seems I missed a bit of excitement during the past weak though - I did the Middle East run regularly.

He and his wife, Iris, have three sons, Simon, age 7, and Adam, 5, who attended the Mead School in Linden Gardens, and 2 year old Jared.

Mr. Warner feel strongly about serving on the council.

"It's not the most popular kind of work, but someone's got to do it," he said. "I make a good living out of this beautiful town, and I think it is up to me to make some return.

The labour candidate is Mr. Jock Blakeway, local party chairman, who represented the ward on the second on the council for 9 years until losing his seat in 1968.


From the By Lauren MacDougall, 9 October 2018.

The Robin Hood Hungry Horse in Tunbridge Wells has closed but it's not all bad news.

The pub will be receiving a six figure makeover before reopening later this month.

A Tunbridge Wells pub has closed its doors in preparation for a six-figure makeover.

The Robin Hood Hungry Horse on Sandhurst Road closed on Monday (October 8) and will centre around an impressive bar area and extensive sports viewing when it reopens on October 24.

Undergoing a complete refurbishment, the bar area will benefit from the addition of contemporary tiling and a modern finish. The sports viewing area will also be enhanced, with high quality sound systems from multiple screens throughout the pub to ensure guests can enjoy every key moment.

The beer garden will also be extended with additional seating and the introduction of outdoor lighting.

Robin Hood 2018

The Robin Hood pub in Tunbridge Wells will close until October 24 (Image: Kent and Sussex Courier)

Stephen Edwards, general manager at Robin Hood Hungry Horse, said: “The Robin Hood Hungry Horse is at the heart of the local community, so we want to provide our guests with even better surroundings to enjoy a great selection of drinks and schedule of sporting events throughout the year.

“We’re really excited to get the refurbishment underway, and look forward to welcoming our Tunbridge Wells neighbours to the revamped venue when it officially opens on Wednesday October 24.

“The weekend is also set to be big, with a series of events to celebrate the opening. A launch party will kick this off on Wednesday, October 24, where we’d like to invite everyone to come and celebrate with us!”

The Hungry Horse venue will also see an improved drinks range with additional cask ales being introduced to the bar, as well as existing great drinks deals like two bottles for 5 and fizz for 9.99 over the weekend.

The new look pub will also offer a range of great value food and drinks deals for locals to enjoy throughout the week, including curry and a drink for 5.50 on Wednesdays, add a drink to any burger or selected grill for 1 Monday-Friday and selected drinks for as little as 2.89 every day.


From the By Lauren MacDougall, 4 November 2018.

Inside the new look Robin Hood Hungry Horse in Tunbridge Wells after huge makeover.

The popular venue has been significantly refurbished throughout and boasts a new bar area, together with improved viewing facilities to host sporting events.

Robin Hood 2018

Steve Edwards, general manager, at the Robin Hood Hungry Horse.(Image: Ian Enness)

Robin Hood 2018

Aneta Jacukevic Dept GM, Judy Horwood Dept Mayor,Len Horwood Mayor,Steve Edwards GM at the Robin Hood Hungry Horse (Image: Ian Enness)

Robin Hood 2018

Tunbridge Wells' Robin Hood Hungry Horse has re-opened after 6 figure makeover. (Image: Ian Enness)

Robin Hood 2018

Tunbridge Wells' Robin Hood Hungry Horse has re-opened after 6 figure makeover. (Image: Ian Enness)

Robin Hood 2018

Aneta Jacukevic Dept GM ,Len Horwood Mayor,Steve Edwards GM at the Hungry Horse in Tunbridge Wells (Image: Ian Enness)

Robin Hood 2018

Tunbridge Wells' Robin Hood Hungry Horse has re-opened after 6 figure makeover (Image: Ian Enness)

Robin Hood 2018

Tunbridge Wells' Robin Hood Hungry Horse has re-opened after 6 figure makeover (Image: Ian Enness)

Robin Hood 2018

Tunbridge Wells' Robin Hood Hungry Horse has re-opened after 6 figure makeover (Image: Ian Enness)

Robin Hood 2018

Tunbridge Wells' Robin Hood Hungry Horse has re-opened after 6 figure makeover. (Image: Ian Enness)

Robin Hood 2018

Tunbridge Wells' Robin Hood Hungry Horse has re-opened after 6 figure makeover. (Image: Ian Enness)



WARNER Tony & Iris 1980s?

GARDNER Dave 2012+

EDWARDS Stephen 2018+


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