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Two Brothers

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31-32 (7) Military Road (Sly Kates Hill 1871Census)


Two Brothers 1905

Above postcard circa 1905.

Two Brothers 1908

Above photo, circa 1908, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Two Brothers 1910

Above photo circa 1910, kindly sent by Tony Smith.

Two Brothers 1950s

Above photo 1950's, kindly sent by Tony Smith.


From the Taunton Courier. 14 February, 1866.

Attempted murder at Chatham by soldier.

A determined attempt at murder was made on Thursday evening at a beer shop, called the "Two Brothers," Military Road, Chatham. It appears that between 6 and 7 o'clock one of the Royal Marines was in the house with others drinking in the back room, and went out the door leading into the backyard with a young woman named Sophia Crisp. After some conversation that passed between them the young woman was in the act of returning into the house, when the soldier suddenly drew from under his clothing, a bayonet, and stabbed her under the left breast, inflicting a severe wound. She being a powerful young woman seized hold of him by the hand, when he struck her over the head with a handle of the bayonet, and also wounded her under the left shoulder blade. Some of the Marines went out into the yard to see what was the matter, when one of them took the bayonet out of the man's hand. Dr. Ely, a medical practitioner, was in immediate attendance, and the wounds were dressed. Subsequently the man was taken into custody by the county police, and removed to the police station. His name is Charles Austin, 1st company, Royal Marine Light Infantry. He is an officer's servant, and was confined to barracks for threatening to take the life of his master for having seven days' drill, and he broke out of barracks that evening. The man was perfectly sober, and the young woman said she had known him for some time, and he always appeared cheerful and happy.


Chatham News, Saturday 16 July 1870.

Conviction of beer housekeepers.

John Hodge, landlord of the "Two Brothers" beer house, Sly Kate's Hill, Chatham, was summoned for having his house open for the sale of beer, during prohibited hours, on Sunday, 26th June.

Mr. G. Winch appeared for defendant, and said his client would plead guilty, but the offence has been committed under peculiar circumstances. The defendant had applied sometime since to have the licence transferred to another person, but as a licence had been already once transferred the Act did not empower the Magistrates to grant a second transfer during the year. The man to whom he wished to transfer the licence was to remain in the house as his client's servant, until the licence had expired. His client left the house, and the offence had been committed by the man in possession, although his client was, under the circumstances, liable. He hoped his worship would take this into consideration.

Find 5s., and 8s., costs.




THOMPSON Susannah Mrs 1858-62+

HODGE John 1870+ Chatham News

MEDHURST Joseph 1871+ (Chelsea Pensioner age 38 in 1871Census)

SUMMERS George William Brister 1881+ (age 30 in 1881Census)

GILBERT William 1882-1901+ (age 52 in 1891Census)

SULLIVAN Frederick J 1911-39+ (age 39 in 1911Census) Chatham News



Chatham NewsChatham News


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