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Beer Retailers



From the Aberdeen Press and Journal, Tuesday 7 March 1749.

Tuesday night James Flood, James Price, and Alexander Colby, were taken at an Alehouse at Dartford in Kent, all three notorious Footpads; they are all charged with the murder and robbery of Mrs. Marsh at Erith on Shooter's Hill. They were carried under a strong guard to Rochester gaol, to take their Trials of the next Assizes there.


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal 21 June 1799.

On Saturday died at Dartford.

Lintott, formerly shoemaker and innkeeper in that town, but from misfortunes, etc. reduced to a beadle of that place. (Is a lay official of a church or synagogue.) He was going into the poor-house in the year 1792, when getting a sixteenth share of a prize of 30,000. in that Lottery, he paid all his debts, put his family into respectable lines of business, and lived comfortably on the interest of the money.


PIGOT'S Directory 1828 (Dartford and area)

COOPER & REEDER, Brewers and Malsters.

FLEET Chas. Hussey & William, Brewers and Malsters.

PITTOCK William, Brewer.

TASKER John & William, Brewers and Malsters.


PIGOT'S Directory 1832.

BARNES William, Spital Street, Retailer of Beer.

DAVEY Thomas, Lowfield Street, Retailer of Beer.

EDWARDS William, Lowfield Street, Retailer of Beer.

FLEET Charles Hussey & William, Lowfield Street, Brewers.

MARTIN William, Short Hill, Retailers of Beer.

MISKIN, Waterside Brewery, Brewers.

PITTOCK William, Crown Brewery, Brewers.

READER Thomas William, Waterside, Retailer of Beer.

TASKER John & William, Brewers.


CENSUS 1841 Census

WELLINGATE Mary, High Street, age 65.


Kentish Gazette, 12 October 1852.

Dartford. Incendiarieyism.

George Jackson and John Birch tramps, were had before Sir P. H. Dyke, and other magistrates, on Saturday, charged with having, on the 1st October instant, maliciously set fire to a stack of outs, situate near the Brent, the property of Messrs. Pigou and Wilks.

George Lynds, of Dartford, beer-shop keeper, deposed:— Yesterday morning, the 1st inst., at about a quarter to eight o'clock, I was in front of my own house, adjoining the turnpike-road, near the Brent. I saw smoke from a stack of oats, being one of three belonging to Messrs. Pigou and Wilks, in a field about forty rods from my house. I went to the spot and found the stack on fire. I saw no person near it. I gave an alarm to Mr. Wilks's servants. The stack was a good sized one. I should think I was there about ten minutes after it was set on fire.

Christopher Brandon, superintending-constable, deposed:—Yesterday morning I received information that one of Mr. Wilks's stacks was on fire. I immediately rode up to the Brent, and from inquiries I made I rode dawn to the Gore road, and had gone about half-way down the road, when I came up to the two prisoners. They were sitting on a bank on the road side, about half a mile from the fire. I rode past before I saw them. I turned back, got off my horse, and interrogated them. They said they had come through Dartford. I asked them what business they had to come through the fields. I told them I suspected they were the parties who had caused the fire. The prisoner Jackson said it was an accident; that they went to light their pipes, and the stack caught fire; that they tried to put it out, but they could not, and they then ran away. I cautioned them as to what they were saying, and then asked them whether they gave any alarm. Both said "No." I commenced searching them, and they said they had thrown the Lucifer away. On Jackson I found a Lucifer match and some rag. On Birch I found the pipe. On taking them to the station, the prisoner Jackson said "No more smoking for a while, I suppose." The prisoner Birch said, "Seven years at the least." Jackson said "Don't be a fool, hold your tongue." They admitted coming through Dartford at seven o'clock, that morning. On searching Jackson at the lock-up I found some more Lucifer matches.

The prisoners were remanded, in order to obtain further evidence. There is no doubt that the fire was wilfully occasioned, as it was fired in the direction of the wind, and as this in the second act of incendiaryism in Dartford within a month, it is hoped the offenders will meet with the punishment they deserve. The fire continued to burn for fourteen hours, and it was reported that an engine had come from London in the evening thinking there was a large fire in the town.


From the Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, 2 November 1861.

William Sharpe, beer-shop keeper, Overy Street, Dartford, was summoned for having his house open during prohibited hours.

The case was dismissed.


Kentish Mercury, Saturday 1 November 1862.

John Sharp, beershop keeper, Heath Lane, Dartford, was charged with having his house open for the sale of beer at a quarter before 4 o'clock in the afternoon on Sunday, October, 12th.

The charge was proved by Luxford, 37 K.C.C. This being the second conviction, the bench fined him 1 and 7s. expenses.


CENSUS 1901.

THOEBALD Thomas B, 103 Lowfield Street, age 33, Hotel Proprietor.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Tuesday 7 October 1890.


On the application of Mr. Ridley, the off-license for the sale of beers, wines, and spirits, held for some years by Mr. A. T. Penny, grocer, High Street, Dartford, was transferred to himself, his son, and son-in-law, whom he has taken into partnership.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Tuesday 7 October 1890.

On the application of Mr. Bailey, the license for beers, wines and spirits, held by Mr. E. Horrell, chemist, High Street, Dartford, was transferred to himself and his partner, Mr. Goff.


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