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Beer Retailers



Kentish Independent, Saturday 25 August 1883.

Blackheath Petty Sessions. Public House Licences.

The renewal of public house licences was then proceeded with, the police inspectors of the several localities reported all complaints and special circumstances as the list was gone through. In reference to a taven at Plumstead, the Bench had received a letter stating that the licensed tenant did not reside in the house, as required by the conditions of his licence, but held a situation in the Royal Arsenal, and had a private residence. In answer to the magistrates, Inspector Clark said he believed it was true that the tenant was employed in the Royal Arsenal, but he had frequently seen him on the premises, and had no reason to suppose that he lived elsewhere.

The Bench renewed the licence.


From the Woolwich Gazette, 26 August 1892.

Applications were made to transfer the following wine and beer licenses:-

Grocer's license, 67 Walmer Road, from Thomas Osborn Heffell to Sydney Millett.


From the Kentish Mercury, 16 March 1894.

Transfer of wine and beer licenses were proposed as follows:-

Store, St. Jame's Place, from George Henry Gepp to Herbert Henry Page.


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