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Beer Retailers



PIGOT'S Directory 1828.

BOYS WINCH & CO., St. Margaret's Bank, Wine & Spirit Merchants.

PRALL Henry, 152 High Street, Wine & Spirit Merchants.

ROBERTS William, High Street, Brewers.

TUFFILL Joseph, High Street, Wine & Spirit Merchants.


PIGOT'S Directory 1832.

BOYS, WINCH & CO, St. Margaret's Bank, Distillers.

COULTER John, 41 High Street, Brewers.

SHEPHERD Henry, Troy Town, Brewers.

TRESS Cooper, 140 High Street, Porter Merchant.


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 6th November 1832.

Public houses to be Let, in the London Porter trade.

A Public House, situated in the most desirable part of the High Street, Chatham and I well accustomed house in the High Street, Rochester.

For particulars, apply to Mr. Skinner, Appraiser and Auctioneer, Chatham.


CENSUS 1841.

MILLER Mary, King Street, age 60.


CENSUS 1851.Census

ALLEN Thomas, Eastgate, age 65.

HICKS Richard Thomas (age 36)

LEECH Elizabeth Ann, Delce Lane, age 37, Publican.

PEARSON Mary Ann (widow) (City Arms, High Street)

VOKES Charles, Pump Lane, age 30, Fruitier & Publican.

WOOD William, High Street, age 65.


From the South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 26 July 1859.

Rochester to persons requiring a public house.

To let, with immediate possession. A pleasantly situated public house, capable of great improvement, near the Bridge, Rochester.

Incoming and rent moderate.

For further particulars apply to Mr. Tidwell, 31, High Street, Rochester, or by letter prepaid, with stamp enclosed.


CENSUS 1861.Census

SURTCHELL George Welsden, 2 Horse Wash Lane, age 43, Licensed Victualler.


CENSUS 1891.Census

GILES William James, (age 5) St. Margaret's Bank, Licensed Victualler.


From the Whitstable Times, 24 May, 1902.


The Rochester magistrates on Saturday considered an application made on behalf of the Dean and Chapter for permission to pull down a beer-house, of which they are owners, and to build new licensed premises on the site. In reply to the Court, the architect stated that it was not proposed to increase the facilities for drinking. The application was granted on condition that a plan was submitted showing the beer-house apart from other buildings.

The Magistrates:- A plain plan will do. This in colours looks much too beautiful. (Laughter.)




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