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Earliest 1854-


Open 2020+

365 Footscray Road (Pope Street 1866)

New Eltham

020 8850 1619

Beehive 1904

Above photo, circa 1904, kindly sent by Matthew Minch.


Above photo, date unknown.


Above photo, date unknown.

Beehive 2006

Above photo, 2006.

Beehive 2018

Above photo 2018.

Beehive Rear Room 2021

Above photo showing the rear room 2021.

Beehive bar 2021

Above photo showing the bar 2021.


The "Beehive" was rebuilt in 1897 and incorporated a pleasure ground at the rear of the public house where travelling fairs were sometimes staged. Brentwood Close has now been built on this land. The houses opposite the pub were known as Pelham Terrace.

The Pub we see today (2017) was rebuilt in 1897 and replaced an older one on the same site. When built it incorporated a pleasure ground at the rear where travelling fairs were sometimes staged.


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Kentish Independent, 09 September 1865.

Henry Knight horsebreaker, of 19, Llanover Road, Plumstead, surrendered to answer a charge of having in his possession a beer bottle belonging to Mr. Todman of the "Beehive," Eltham.

No one, however, appeared to prosecute and the prisoner was discharged.


From the By PubSpy, 3 August 2017.

This isn't my first review of the Beehive, and to be honest I imagine it won’t be the last as I would happily go back again.

The New Eltham pub is one of the most impressive looking boozers I have seen. It is a magnificent building that dates back to 1897, apparently.

Sitting right by the railway station, I was hardly surprised the Beehive was suitably buzzing.

The pub is an imposing presence in Footscray Road, and it is hard to turn your nose up at it.

Inside, it boasts impressive high ceilings and a long bar – however, the pristine white walls and lack of decoration are not to everyone’s taste. I am not sure it is taste at all actually, verging on a doctor’s waiting room.

Price-wise, the pub offers a number of deals that from memory included a pitcher of Pimms for £14.50 – forgive me, it was Wimbledon season.

There was a DJ man setting up in the corner and although he had not started playing one could assume the Beehive would be a very lively affair the longer the evening went on.

The staff seemed to be on very friendly terms with the large amount of regulars that were in the pub, which was pleasant to see. I had to settle for a polite smile.

A spacious pub that still creates an atmosphere for regulars says a lot about this boozer, and if you are drawn in by the attractiveness of the outside – and you can put up with the lack of décor inside – you might well find yourself becoming one of those regulars.

How it rated:

Atmosphere**** There was a buzz.

Décor*** Impressive from the outside, questionable on the inside.

Staff*** Friendly to the regulars.

Drink*** Didn't seem like there was much variety.

Price**** Offered a lot of deals which is always welcome.


From the By Emily Hennings, 2nd July 2019.

Police called to large 'pub brawl' in Footscray Road, New Eltham.

Police were called to a brawl outside a pub in New Eltham this weekend.

Officers were called at 6.52pm on June 29 to reports of a large group of people fighting at a pub on Footscray Road.

A number of people on social media have said that the people fighting were not regulars at the pub and some have said glasses were thrown.

Police were supported by the Dog Unit as they attended the scene.

No victims presented themselves at the address and enquiries into the circumstances remain ongoing.



TODMAN James Sept/1854-65+ (also gardener age 50 in 1861Census) West Kent GuardianKentish Independent

FAIRCHILD George Emberson Aug/1866+

STEVENS Mary Ann Mrs 1874+ (Pope Street)

STIFF James Stone 1881-91+ (age 52 in 1881Census)

RIVES Philip Arthur 1896+

NEWTON George Birkett 1901+ (age 43 in 1901Census)

CRISP Alfred 1904+

HOLLAND Walter 1911-19+ (age 45 in 1911Census)

Last pub licensee had CHOPPIN Mason Henry 1926-44+

CHOPPIN Bob (son) to 1973



Kentish IndependentKentish Independent

West Kent GuardianWest Kent Guardian


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