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Beer Retailers



From the Maidstone Assizes.


Writ Capius. (In the common law legal systems, capias ad respondendum (Latin: "that you may capture [him] in order for him to reply") is or was a writ issued by a court to the sheriff of a particular county to bring the defendant, having failed to appear, to answer a civil action against him.)

William Baker of Herne, victualler, John Coltman of the "Half Moon" in Chatham, victualler, Vincent Whore of Oare, victualler, .....


From the Maidstone Assizes

14 March 1676.

Before Thomas Twisden, J, and Serjeant Francis Pemberton.


Indictment of Sarah Skelton, wife of Milner Skelton, bricklayer, Oliver Bucher, seaman, Christopher Bendey, husbandman, John Ashley, butcher, and Richard Crippes, vintner, of Chatham, for felonious killing.

By an inquisition held at Chatham, 16 Aug. 1675, before Robert Heath, gent., coroner, on the body of Mary Brice, widow, a jury - Charles Smyth, John Wood, Thomas Rogers, William Bright, Richard Henman, Stephen Misselton, Thomas Lucas, John Jefferies, Stephen Webb, Luke Rogers, Joseph Davis, Thomas Busfeild, Thomas Symons, John Clay, Robert Munck, William Knight, James Bailton, Melchior Raynolds, Edward Cooke - found that on 13 Aug. 1675 at Chatham, Sarah Skelton persuaded Brice to board a boat on the Medway where, aided and abetted by the others, she threw Brice into the water and drowned her. See also no. 84. [indictment endorsed] John Modesty, Thomas Wilbey.

True bill.

Skelton found guilty; to hang; found to be pregnant; see no. 46. The others found not guilty.



Jury of Matrons to examine Sarah Skelton, Martha Lamminge:-

Jane Mitchell, Phyllis Smith, Mary Webb, Susan Fuller, Susan Godfrey, Anne Reade, Alice Willard, Susan Breacher, Mary Parsons, Anne Willis, Ellen Turner, Jane Swann, who say that Skelton is pregnant, Lamminge is not.



Indictment of Thomas Willoby of Chatham, labourer, for murder. On 13 Aug. 1675 he assaulted Mary Brice, widow, on a boat on the Medway at Chatham and threw her into the river, where she drowned. See also no. 37.

[endorsed] Francis Blyfoote, John Rippon, William Harte, Mary Martin, Anne Read. Ignoramus.

(Ignoramus:- Late 16th century (as the endorsement made by a grand jury on an indictment considered backed by insufficient evidence to bring before a petty jury): Latin, literally ‘we do not know’ (in legal use ‘we take no notice of it’), from ignorare (see ignore). The modern sense may derive from the name of a character in George Ruggle's Ignoramus (1615), a satirical comedy exposing lawyers' ignorance.)


12 July 1791. Insured:- James, Richard and George Best, Kent Brewers.

HODGES, King Street, Victualler.


A document titled "The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce and Manufacture (1793)" Trade Directory 1793 gave a list of traders, and amongst that list was the following names but unfortunately no address or name of house.


BREWERS 1793 Trade Directory 1793

BEST George


NICHOLS John (Brandy merchant)

TWIGG Richard

TROY Cazeneuve Jacob (distiller)


VICTUALLER 1793 Trade Directory 1793





PIGOT'S Directory 1828 Pigot's Directory 1828-29

All below advertised as in Chatham, Brompton, Gillingham.

ASHLEY Joseph, High Street, Wine Merchants.

BAXTER Henry & Co., High Street, Wine Merchants.

BEST James, High Street, Brewers.

BRITTIN Isaac, High Street, Brewers.

GEORGE Robert, High Street, Brewers.

SHREWSBURY Edward, High Street, Brewers.

TRIBE John, High Street, Wine Merchants.

WALL & GODFREY, High Street, Brewers.


PIGOT's Directory 1832 Pigot's Directory 1832-34

ASHLEY & TOWNSON, High Street, Wine Merchants.

BAKER James, Whittaker Street, Retailers of Beer.

BARROWS Jacob William, 278 High Street, Retailers of Beer.

BEST James, High Street, Brewers.

BRAY William, Cage Lane, Retailers of Beer.

GASKIN Harnet, Ordnance Road, Retailers of Beer.

GEORGE Robert, High Street, Brewers.

GEORGE William, 241 High Street, Retailers of Beer.

GOVER Thomas, 9 Hamond Place, Wine Merchants.

GREET William, King Street, Retailers of Beer.

LOCK John & Michael, PHOENIX BREWERY, High Street, Brewers.

LUCK James, Coleman Street, Retailers of Beer.

PARRY George Watt, Cannon Street (and Brewer), Retailers of Beer.

SHREWSBURY Edward, High Street, Brewers.

TRIBE John, 267 High Street, Wine Merchants.

TUCKER John, Ordnance Place, Retailers of Beer.

WALL & GODFREY, 63 High Street, Brewers.


CENSUS 1841.Census

???? Joseph, High Street, age 60.

KING George, Wood Street, age 33, Licensed Victualler.

PIGWRITE George, High Street, age 65.

SAFFREY Isaac, Globe Lane, age 25, Victualler.

TEARS Sarah, High Street, age 65.

TOOMER William, Bryant Street, age 45, Victualler.


CENSUS 1851.Census

BUDDEN James, age 29 ("Canteen.")

PACKMAN Charlotte, 9 High Street, age 45, Victualler.

TYE George, New Road, age 29, Inkeeper.

WICKENS David, 26 Waterloo Place, age 27, Beer house keeper.

WILSON David, 11 Watts Place, age 54, Publican. ("Sultan?")


CENSUS 1861.Census

CLIFFORD Mary, High Street, widow age 62, Porter Shop.

REMINGTON Mary A, 22 Skinner Street, age 44, Publican.

TRUSSELL Susanna, age 37, Beerhouse Keeper, Military Road.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 1 January 1870.

From the LONDON GAZETTE of Tuesday, Dec. 28.


At the Court of Bankruptcy, Basinghall Street.

William Thomas Randall, Chatham, beer-seller, Jan. 12, at 11.



CENSUS 1871.Census

BENSTER John, 5 Queen Street, age 38, Publican.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 4 May, 1901.


In a certain public house at Chatham is a closed-up back window. One Sunday a policeman watched the window, and saw strange things happen. He saw a long funnel protruded between the bars, and people who came and held jugs and bottles under the funnel. The perverted ingenulay of the landlord, who thus dispensed beer during prohibited hours, has cost him dear. He has lost his inn, and was on Sunday fined 3 12s. 6d.


CENSUS 1911.Census

RUSSELL Henry, 21 High Street, age 30. Licensed Victualler.


Trade Directory 1793Universal British Directory of Trade 1793

Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34



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