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Earliest 1858-

Black Horse

Open 2020+

63 Albert Road

Bexley Heath

01322 253371

Black Horse 2006

Above photo, 2006.


Kelly's Directory of 1903 gave the address of this one to be Halfway Street, Sidcup.

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The Morning Advertiser, 16 August, 1858.

Mr. Henry Saunders of Britannia Brewery, Paul Street, Finsbury, on Thursday last, gave his annual banquet at the "Black Horse," Bexley, to about 50 of his tenants and those in the trade. After an excellent entertainment accompanied by the usual toasts, harmony was kept up to a late hour, when all parties returned to town, delighted with the days amusement. The chair was ably filled by Mr. Saffrey, supported by Mr. Mason.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Tuesday 1 November 1859.

Beerhouse offence.

Alfred Whitehead, keeper of the "Black Horse" at Bexley was charged on Sunday, October 9th.

Sergeant Ebbs, R.2. deposed:- On the day named, I visited defendants house about half past 11 o'clock in the morning having satisfied myself that drinking have been going on just previous to my entering the house, and that there were some customers, I proceeded to search, and found five men seated behind tubs in the cellar.

Defendant being ill, his wife appeared, but offered his defence.
He was therefore, fined 20s. and 10s, costs.


The Dover Express and East Kent Intelligence, Friday Evening, 19th July, 1867.

An inquest was held at the "Black Horse, Bexley, on the 10th instant, on the body of a newly born male child, which had been found in a wood.

It appeared that Mr. Skerritt, bailiff to T. Brown Esq., was looking over the woods on the 3rd inst., and he saw a woman lying in the thicket. He returned in about half an hour and then noticing that something was wrong with the woman he obtained assistance, but before his return he had moved away. A search was made, and not only the woman but also a newly born dead infant, were found concealed in the wood. She gave her name as Maria Harwood, a cook in a gentleman's family at Eltham. She said she was out for a day's holiday, and being taken ill on the road she went into the wood out of sight. Mr. Matthews, surgeon, had made a post-mortem examination, and he had no doubt the child was born alive.

The jury returned a verdict that death was caused by want of attention of birth.


The Kentish Independent, Saturday 20 July, 1878.

Assaulted At Old Bexley.

Thomas Lipscombe, 27, labourer, 2, Victoria Cottages, Old Bexley, was charged with assaulting Police Constable Schrives, 272 R, while in the execution of his duty in the Building Field, Old Bexley.

A certificate was handed in to the magistrate, which stated that the injured man was unable to attend.

Police Sergeant 19 R stated that he was called to the spot on Saturday evening and found the Constable lying in the field bleeding from wounds in the face and head. From what he heard, he took prisoner into custody.

William Gregg, landlord of the "Black Horse" beer house Old Bexley, stated that prisoner and another man were quarrelling in his house at 7 o'clock on Saturday evening, when he called in the assistance of the Constable Schrives to prevent the disturbance. One man went out, but prisoner refused to do so, and on the constable attempting to get him out, he struck him a blow in the face. The prisoner then went outside, and witness did not see what else happened.

Remanded till Wednesday.


The Kentish Independent, Saturday 20 July, 1878.

Assault At Old Bexley.

Thomas Lipscombe, 27, was charged on remand with assaulting Police Constable Scriveners, 272 R, who now stated that 6:45 on Saturday night he was called by the landlord of the "Black Horse" to quell a disturbance in his house. When he got inside he saw prisoner and another quarrelling. He got the other man outside, and then ask prisoner to go, but he said he should not, and that witness "would either do for him, or he would for witness," at the same time striking him on the nose and knocking him down. On regaining his feet he was again knocked down, but ultimately got prisoner into the street, and told him that he should lock him up. They went along the road a short distance, when prisoners again commenced to assault him, and he had a draw his truncheon, with which he struck him, at the same time sending some boys for the handcuffs that he kept at his house, which was close by. He was further knocked about after that, and when assistance came he could hardly stand, and was still very sore and on the sick list.

Prisoner said that the Constable first struck him with his truncheon over the head.

Mr. Balguy told prisoner that he had made a savage attack on the Constable. He was not content with one assault, but had committed a series of them, and he would be sentenced to one month's imprisonment with hard labour.


Bexley Heath and Erith Observer, Saturday 5 July, 1879.


The "Black Horse," Bexley, has been transferred from Mr. Bradford to Mr. Bromley Colague.


The Kentish Independent, Saturday, 10 July, 1880.

Woolwich Police Court. Saturday. Wilful Damage.

Henry Martin, 24, labourer, of Halfway Street, Bexley was charged with being drunk and disorderly and willfully breaking a number of panes of glass, value 19s., at the "Black Horse" public house, Bexley.

The evidence of the landlord shewed that prisoner came into his house, and, seeing that he was drunk, he refused to serve him, and requested him to leave, and on his attempting to put him out, prisoner smashed the plain of glass, value 12s. He then got him out of the house and prisoner in attempting to strike someone broke another pain, which cost 7s., but since he had come to the court prisoner's friends had paid for the damage that had been done.

Police Constable Brooker 90 R, said he was called to take the prisoner into custody, when he became very violent and struck him twice with his open hand. The prisoner seemed to be mad with drink, and he could scarcely get him to the station.

Prisoner, in answer to the charge, acknowledged being drunk, and was very sorry that he had broken the glass and caused so much trouble.

Mr. Marsham asked prisoner if he could pay the doctor's fee, and on saying that it could, Mr. Marsham said as he had paid for the damage done to the glass, he should only fine him 5s. and 3s. 6d., doctor's fee.


Maidstone and Kent Journal, 24 November, 1891.

Dartford Police Court. Licensing.

On the application of Mr. Ridley a protection order was granted to Mr. Chapman to sell at the "Black Horse," Bexley till the next transfer day, he having taken the house of Mr. Starkey.



WHITEHOUSE Alfred 1859+

SLY John L 1861+ (age 42 in 1861Census)

GREGG William 1878+

BRADFORD Mr to July/1879

COLAGUE Bromley Frederick July-1879-81 (age 35 in 1881Census)

DUMALL James 1881+ (age 42 in 1881Census)

STARKEY Mr to Nov/1891

CHAPMAN Mr Nov/1891+

WILSON Robert F 1901-03+ (age 33 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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