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The only reference I have found so far for this pub is in the Wright's Topography of 1838.

I have reference to another "Compasses" situated at 33 Russell Street, which I am assuming is a different pub to this.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Tuesday 3 August 1858.

Passing bad money at Chatham.

John Johnson, 21, soldier, was indicted for offering to counterfeit 2s. 6d. pieces at Chatham.

Mr. Deeds prosecuted.

George Parnell said he kept the "Admiral Rodney" beer house at Chatham. On the 27th of June prisoner came in at 9 o'clock and called for a pint of porter, and gave him a bad half crown in payment. Prisoner was then given into custody.

By Prisoner:- I did not let the 2s. 6d. go out of my hand. I did not give you change.

P.C. George Baker produce the 2s. 6d. in question. He took the prisoner into custody.

By Prisoner:- I am sure it is the same half crown. It has not left my hand since I had it from the landlord.

Mary Garrett, wife of the landlord of the "Compasses" at Chatham, said:- Prisoner came in about 8:30 on the 27th of June, and ask for a pint of porter, tendering 2s. 6d. in payment. Shortly afterwards she saw prisoner pass the house in custody, and that induced her to take the 2s. 6d. out of the till, and found it bad. It was the only 2s. 6d in the till.

By Prisoner:- There was only one 2s. 6d. in the till. I gave it to my husband. The servant has access to the till, and so has my son, but he was not at home on the evening.

Mathias Garrett saw his wife go to the front door. The soldier went by in custody. Mrs. Garrett showed him the 2s. 6d. He gave it to P.C. Fisher.

By Prisoner:- I saw my wife take out the 2s. 6d. from the till. I kept it in my pocket for 2 hours.

P.C. Fischer produced the bad 2s. 6d.

By Prisoner:- I can swear to the 2s. 6d. It never left my sight at the magistrates' office.

Mr. Barling, silversmith, of Maidstone, proved that both half crowns were bad.

Prisoner read his defence from a paper, and showed considerable shrewdness in cross-examine the witnesses.

Guilty:- Six months hard labour.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Saturday 14 August 1858.


Robert Harvey and James Salvage, two privates of the Royal Marines, were brought up on remand, charged with having violently assaulted and beaten Mary Garrett, wife of James Garrett, at Chatham, on the 2nd inst.

The prosecutrix said that her husband kept the "Compasses" at Chatham. On the afternoon of Monday last the prisoners came in and had a quartern of rum, for which they refused to pay. She asked them for the money, but they merely made games, and laughed at her. Harvey showed her some silver in his hand, and asked her if she would have that? She said no, she only wanted the 6d. for the rum, and if they went out without paying she would call the police and have them locked up. One of them then knocked her down. The servant picked her up, and she got inside the parlour. She called the police, when the prisoners made use of very bad language, and Salvage knocked her down again, one of them saying, "Kick her guts out." She then had two heavy kicks on her face, and became insensible. She also received several kicks about the body.

Cross-examined:- You had a pint of porter before that, for which you paid. It was in the parlour you kicked me.

Esther Solly, servant to the prosecutor, said that she saw the prisoner Salvage knock her mistress down twice in the passage, using most disgusting language, and then kicked her several times. They were both alike in their conduct. She holloaed and screamed, and somebody sent someone after a policeman.

Cross-examined:- I saw you knock mistress down and kick her. I followed you into the parlour.

Policeman 25 K.C.C. saw the prisoners running up meeting-house-lane, and found them in a garden at the back of the house. With the assistance of Constable Fisher he captured them, and took them back to Mr. Garrett's. When they got into the house they used very filthy language, and Harvey broke a pane of glass. They complained that they had ordered a glass of rum, and that the girl had drunk it. They were drunk, but Harvey was the worst of the two.

The defence was of the usual character. The parties were rather lively from the effects of heavy wet, and ordered a quartern of rum, the girl drank the whole of it, upon which, partly in joke, they refused to pay for it, whereupon they were violently assaulted, and ran away, after having one of their caps pulled off, and otherwise treated like Rooshans. Their only motive for refusing to pay was, they had not partaken of the fiery beverage.

The magistrates having expressed their regret that they could not inflict a heavier punishment, sentenced them each to six months' hard labour.

One of the defendants has two medals of honour, and the other, one.



WARD W D 1838+ Wright's Topography 1838

GARRETT Charles 1851-58+ (age 38 in 1851Census)


Wright's Topography 1838Wright's Topography 1838



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