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Earliest 1844

Corner Pin

Open 2020+

Slade Green Road / 1 Plantation Road

Slade Green

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Corner Pin 1900

Above photo circa 1900 showing the original pub on the right.

Corner Pin 2006

Above photo 2006 by Dave Patten Creative Commons Licence.

Corner Pin 2018

Above photo, 2018.

Corner Pin sign 1987Corner Pin sign 2018

Above sign left, 1987, sign right 2018.

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The original pub was built in 1844 by the Stoneham family in at the end of a row of six farm labourers' cottages called Poplar Place. The building was later extended by taking over the adjacent cottage. This building was subsequently demolished in 1958 and rebuilt a bit further back from the road to provide space for a car park in the front.


Dover Express 26 December 1863.


On Saturday last Mr. Henry Oxley, officer of inland revenue, attended before the Dartford magistrates to withdraw an information previously laid against Mr. Robert Nelson Austin, of the "Corner Pin," Slade-Green, Erith, he having been selling beer without a license. The information was withdrawn on the defendant paying the necessary license, etc.


Gravesend Reporter, North Kent and South Essex Advertiser - Saturday 26 December 1868.

Erith. Fatal Accident.

On Wednesday afternoon C. J. Carttar, Esq., coroner, held an inquest at the "Corner Pin" public house, Slade Green, Crayford, on the body of Henry Hopkins, 15 years of age.

It appeared that deceased was employed in the brick field, and on the 5th of December, whilst engaged in the driving of a truck containing 600 bricks, he attempted to get up to ride, and fell to the ground, the wheels passing over his body. He was taken home, and Dr. Tipple attended him.

Deceased lingered until the 19th inst., when he died from the frightful injuries he received.

Verdict, "Accidental Death."


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Monday 4 January 1869.

Erith. Fatal Accident.

An inquest was held on Wednesday at the "Corner Pin" public house, Slade Green, on the body of Henry Hopkins, the boy who was accidentally killed at Mr. Rutter's brickfield, as reported last week.

The jury returned a verdict of Accidental Death.


Kentish Independent, Saturday 25 August 1883.

Woolwich Police Cought. Saturday. Only unwise.

William Aga, shepherd, of May Place Road, Crayford, and Lavinia Hearne, landlady of the "Corner Pin" public house, Slades Green, were charged, the former with stealing a quart of milk, the property of his employer, Mr J. Bartholomew, of Manor Farm, Crayford, and the latter with receiving the same, knowing it to have been stolen.

Mr. Bartholomew said the prisoner had been employed by him about two years as shepherd and cowman. A part of his duty was to look after cows suckling calves, and from the information he received as to the prisoner disposing of some milk, he was given into custody.

Police Constable Watts, 208 B, said at 6:30 that morning he saw the prisoner leave the cowshed at Erith Marshes with something bulky in his pocket, and go into the "Corner Pin," where he remained a short time.

On his coming out again, witness went in and asked Mrs. Hearn if a Aga had left any milk, and she said "Yes." He asked to be allowed to see how much, and she produced a tin bottle containing about a quart. In answer to witness, Mrs. Hearn said Aga had left milk for her about six or seven times, but she paid him nothing for it, only giving him a drop of beer.

In answer to Mr. Balguy, witness said that Mrs. Hearn made no attempt to conceal anything from him, but spoke openly about the transaction.

In defence, Mrs. Hearn and said that Aga told her the drop of milk was his perquisite, and she fully believed it was.

Mr. Balguy said there was nothing against her, and she would be discharged. She had, perhaps, acted unwisley receiving the milk; but that was all.

Aga said he always believe that whatever milk the calves did not suck he could have.

Mr. Balguy fined the prisoner 5s.



AUSTIN Robert Nelson 1863+ Dover Express

SELLEY Henry 1871+ (age 58 in 1871Census)

Last pub licensee had HEARN James 1880+

TAYLOR William 1881+ (age 58 in 1881Census)

HEARN James 1891+ (age 66 in 1891Census)

HICKS Frederick H 1901-03+ (age 27 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

SAYERS Edith Annie Mrs 1918-22+

ANSLOW Sidney W 1930-39+ (age 51 in 1939)

???? David & Thelma 2018+


Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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